The Truth

Hannah felt much more relaxed once she had sat on that plush midnight sofa, but her mind still swam. Everything there was so extraordinary…and blue! Hannah tried to sit up but saw the room around her swim slowly in and out of focus. She frowned unhappily as she put a hand to her forehead to try and stop the dizziness.

“Hannah?” The older lady’s voice was the only clear thing for Hannah in this state.

“Hannah!” She said again.

“I’m fine…” Hannah muttered sheepishly as the World shifted back into focus.

“Would you like something to drink?” The Alpha Female gestured to the younger girl who was stood slightly behind the large brown chair the lady was sitting on, who then decanted some blue liquid into a glass before handing that to Hannah and turning back to the jug.

Hannah looked down at the liquid in her glass; its blue hue didn’t make her feel any better.

“Juice. Drink up.” Said The Alpha Female, in a tone very different from the sterner ones she had used earlier. Instead of making Hannah feel better, this just encouraged her sense of misery.

“I’m fine. Really. It was just a dizzy spell-I get them often-It comes from my father’s side, you see.”

The blue haired lady’s frown creased her forehead again and she began, “Yes, I-” before a loud crash cut off any sentence she might have continued.

The young girl behind her had dropped the glass decanter of Blue Juice and it had shattered all over the cream floor. She turned back from the small circular (blue-framed) window, flushed with a little smile on her lips and her pale hands were playing with a few strands of her hair.

“Rebecca!” Yelled The Alpha Female, wiping the sly smile clear from Rebecca‘s face, “Clear that up instantly!”

With one glance last glance to the outside, Rebecca drew her left hand three times in an anti-clockwise circle, then clicked, and immediately, as though it was in reverse, the shards of the fragile container pulled themselves together and the Blue Juice slurped back into it. An almost new jug was then standing on the floor. The Alpha Female picked it up, with a sour look at Rebecca, and poured herself a glass of the Blue stuff. Without standing up Hannah couldn’t see much out of the window, but what she could see was a small, bright, floral garden and a rather handsome gardener! Rebecca saw her looking in that direction, and blushed again before handing Hannah a can of Coke.

“How did she know I liked Coke?” Wondered Hannah to herself.

“Right, Hannah…” The lady said, surveying Hannah over her blue-rimmed glasses.

“How did you know my name?”


“Yes?” Hannah’s reply was too eager to be contained. The Alpha Female paused in her speech again, but instead of going down the route of words she was originally, it seemed that she decided to take a different path.

“Hannah. The truth is that we’ve been watching you for a while. Even if you don’t know it now, you’ve got The Gift-

The End

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