In Blue

The lady looked Hannah and Melna up and down.

“You call this nothing, Melna?” She said.

“Um…” Melna seemed uneasy around the lady.


The Alpha Female had ice-blue hair which was bundled up in a wonky bun and was wearing a deep blue suit. Her lipstick and eye shadow was metallic blue but her eyes…

Her eyes were perfect hazelnut!

There was a movement behind and Hannah noticed a younger girl beside the lady. The girl was about the same age as Hannah but it was hard to see because she was pretty tall.

The girl had short spiky blue hair. She was wearing a mixed blue miniskirt and a stylish crop top which was being covered by a tattered denim jacket. The girl had dark blue stilettos and the straps (which were also dark blue) were winding themselves up, round her legs-to her knees-like a pair of snakes slithering up trees!

Her lipstick was cream-coloured and HER eye shadow was also blue but a faint, faded blue. The eyes again shocked Hannah-they were still hazel but slightly a bit darker: nearing brown!

Hannah wondered why they were both dressed in blue, yet their eyes stood out. This reminded Hannah of someone but she couldn’t fix together the pieces in her mind…


The young girl whispered something to the lady, and she snapped back “I know that!” She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment, then beckoned to Hannah. “Alright, come with me.”

Hannah looked around for Melna, wondering whether it was safe to advance further with the ladies, but she had vanished as suddenly as she had appeared.

“Um…well I don’t mean to intrude or anything…I’d just like to go home…”

“Well, you can’t now…Oh and if you’re looking for Melna you won’t find her-she comes and goes as she pleases, or when I order her to. Anyway she can’t help you go home.”

The tone of the Alpha Female was so commanding and seemed to say that there was nothing else to say, so Hannah meekly looked down at the floor and didn’t ask any more questions. “Not for now anyway,” she said to herself.


The tunnel that Hannah was lead along was lengthy but at the end was a marvellous sight. There are many kinds of witches and wizards in the universe but the Blue Witches main room has to be one of the most extraordinary things that you may encounter in the world!

Hannah stopped and stared in disbelief despite the attention she was attracting. The witches who were working at the flashy white desks turned to observe her, and some even stood up. They all wore at least one blue piece of clothing, and Hannah felt just a little odd wearing her bright white jeans and pink sweater.

“Welcome to…The Blue Witches Main Room.

Come-look around. "

The End

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