Hannah landed on soft earth and looked around. She was in the mystical chamber but it was much bigger than she had expected.

In was fairly plain; carved roughly out of the earth and looking around Hannah could see that 8 passageways stretched into the distance around the sides of where she was sitting. The passageways seemed to have been carved out of the earth like the main chamber but were much narrower and smaller, only twice the size of Hannah herself!

The ceiling of the chamber was so far up that she had to strain her neck and even then she wasn’t sure how far up it was.

It wasn’t dark but the light in the chamber was poor so Hannah couldn’t see properly how far away the passageways were. She was about to go up and investigate a passageway when she heard a voice…

“Go answer the drop-ins, Melna. Go do this… Go do that, Melna…” said the voice. It was a brisk snapping voice but Hannah could not locate its owner. Rooted to the spot, she swivelled on the crumbly earth but could see no-one coming up the mile-long passageways! 

Suddenly a transparent bubble appeared a few metres above Hannah with a disgruntled looking fairy in it.

The creature looked indeed like a fairy-with blue delicate wings but seemed unfairy-like completely-no wand and a fiery temper. The “fairy” was clad in a blue top-and-trouser set with bare feet though. She had shoulder length dirty-brown hair which looked unkempt, a rounded nose, thick lips and plain rectangular glasses. But underneath those glasses the fairy’s eyes sparkled with freedom like jewels set into a rock-face!

“Um…” Hannah was astonished with the appearance of the fairy-kind.

“Oh.” It appeared that the fairy had not spotted Hannah at first but now the fairy creature didn’t seem to happy to see a 13 year old in the chamber.

“Err… I’m Hannah; have you any idea why I’m here?” Hannah stuttered.

“No!” The fairy turned to go.

“Wait!” Hannah called, “I’m not just Hannah. I’m Hannah Saservine. Do you know anything?”

“Saservine, you say?” The fairy looked thoughtful. “Alright, I’ll stay and you can tell me what happened. I’m Melna by the way.”


So Hannah repeated her story to Melna and the fairy listened very carefully. When Hannah was finished Melna nodded her head and mumbled “I understand” a couple of times.

Just as Hannah was about to ask another question she noticed that, even though Melna had come down to listen to her story, she still wasn’t out of her bubble!

“Why are you still in that bubbly thing?” Hannah asked, then she realised another unasked question “And what is THAT BLUE GARB?!

“Ah this,” said Melna sadly, “I am not a free woman like you. I work for the blue witches. This bubble is my containment dome and these clothes are my uniform…” She shuddered. “I used to be able to change my clothes whenever to whatever-wings, wand, etc… But THEY put a spell on me to stop me changing and flying away or weaselling out!”

There was silence for a few minutes then Hannah realised what Melna had just said.

“The blue witches? Who are they?” She broke the silence with.

“But I thought you’d know…Oh yeah, you are not from…here,” said Melna simply.

“Where is here?”

“The Blue Witches’ chasm in the centre of the earth”

“Impossible,” breathed Hannah.

There was silence as Hannah marvelled at the wonders that she was experiencing! After a minute she asked the question that had been aching to get out ever since she had heard those first words.

“But who…what are the Blue Witches,” It was like Hannah had spat out the words in the rush she had been in.

“The Blue Witches…Well we’re the witches that try not to be on any side in the fight for good and evil!” As Melna said it, she held her head high as though it was a declaration.

“But you know that at some stage you’re going to have to join a sid-”

Hannah was cut off by the loud stamps of footsteps coming towards Melna and her, from the one of the passageways a few metres away, and the angry bark of an Alfa female could be heard.

“Melna! Who was it?” The voice was becoming louder still as the lady advanced up the passageway.

“Err…No-one miss…Just…um,” Melna stuttered then added to Hannah “Run, hide.” She pointed to the other passageways. But it was too late… As Hannah got up to go, the lady rounded a last bend and entered the main chamber.

The End

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