The Witches' Diary

When Hannah Saservine gets a new diary from her step-sister, odd things start to happen, and Hannah learns that there is a bit more magic to life. But not all Magic is as good as you would think...
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Strange Things

“Hannah? Hannah!”

Hannah looked up from her diary as her mum stamped in.

“Hannah are you still engrossed in that diary?” Hannah’s mum asked.

NO mum! I’ll do my homework now…” moaned Hannah back.


Hannah Saservine was a 13 year old terror. She lived only with her mother, in their cramped two bedroom house, but often went to see her dad, step-mother and step-sister. Becky Saservine (her step-sister) had given Hannah a stunning pink and deep black diary for her birthday, and Hannah had been immersed in it ever since!


All through Hannah’s nightmarish homework she couldn’t stop thinking about the diary. It was as though it was drawing her to it. Afterwards Hannah stampeded upstairs and went into her room. She instantly was drawn to the drawer containing the special diary.

The drawer usually was an antique-pasty-white colour, but now it was shimmering a silky gold and the item inside was glowing so brightly that Hannah had to shield her eyes with her hands. As she stumbled blindly towards the desk with the light emitting from it, she went to slam the door; as she did she tumbled over a leg of one of her tea-party-wooden chairs, resulting in Hannah and the chair landing in a big heap together! Hannah blinked as the light evaporated and everything returned to as normal as it could be.

“Hannah, are you alright? I heard a thump,” Hannah’s mum called.

“Yeah mum, I just tripped over the chair,” yelled Hannah back.

“Well be careful next time dear…” her mum replied.


Later Hannah traipsed back to her miserably untidy room and went to get the diary…

But the diary had vanished and Hannah was devastated!

MUM!!!” She screamed.

“Yes darling?” Hannah’s mum walked slowly up the stairs and did not run to assist her daughter. As Hannah’s mum got closer to the room, Hannah realised that her mum had the diary.

“I hope you haven’t been reading that,” snapped Hannah angrily.

“No dear. I just thought it was… a bit cooped up in that drawer,” replied her mum drearily.

Hannah snatched back the diary and her mother wandered off again. As soon as Hannah had gone into the privacy of her own room, and shut the door, the book started glowing again.

Lots of questions popped into Hannah’s head.

“Why is this happening?” Hannah thought, “Was it really because the diary had been cooped up?

It couldn’t be could it?”

Suddenly a strange feeling came over her but she dismissed it. It wasn’t the first weird thing that had happened that day.

Then the feeling came again washing over her like a wave of calm cool magic. Hannah closed her eyes and hoped the brightness would go soon. Clumsily she dropped the book….

She went to pick it up and saw that it was open, on a page she had never written on, but yet it had small drawing of creatures in blue and writing on it in a creamy blue, smooth handwriting!

“How odd,” muttered Hannah under her breath.

When she picked the diary up, the different page that it been on seemed to tingle and become a hollow chamber. Hannah, being a curious girl, reached into the book and felt her being swept off her feet…

The next thing she knew: she was in the diary!


The End

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