Arabella ran inside the house, her chest swelling with anger and offense. With every step, it seemed to grow, taking up more and more of her mind.

"He does not love me!" She scoffed. "I know love when I feel it."

Arabella stomped upstairs, opening her window all the way and leaning on it. Beneath her was a sea of grass and crops, farmers dotted along the plains, reaping their wheat. With every rise and fall of the tool, Arabella became more violently angry, somewhat addicted to the sin she had just experienced.

A young farmer, about Arabella's age, looked up at her in the window and waved. Arabella squinted to see who it was, but gave up after being unable. She got up from the windowsill and headed down the stairs, now interested.

She finally reached the front door, opening it and dashing outside. Priscilla turned around, a thoughtful look on her face, but Arabella turned her head away. Continuing towards the farmer boy, she could finally figure out who he was.

It was James Rind, an old family friend. He and Arabella had grown up together, and Arabella had always noticed the way he would look at her when they were alone. But she had no interest in him; he was like Benjamin. A man couldn't be shy. But she was always nice to him, since he was a considerate boy.

"Arabella!" He called to her. Arabella came closer to him, smiling.

"Hello, James." She gave him a quick, somewhat taunting bow. He blushed, grinning back at her. Arabella quite preferred Edgar's smirk to this wide grin that James possessed.

"I haven't seen you in a while," James said quietly, almost embarrassed.

"That's right. How long has it been now?" Arabella tilted her head.

"Ah...umm. I'm not sure." James stared into Arabella's eyes, lost in his own world. "Nice to see you, though."

"Nice to see you, as well." Arabella turned to see Priscilla looking at her pleadingly, as though she was looking for forgiveness. Arabella, her heart now frozen over, started to plot to show her that she could act a lot worse. Shakily, Arabella came even closer to James.

"James, get back to work!" A voice called from the fields. It must have been Mr. Rind, James' father, since he quickly responded.

"Coming!" He shouted, then turned back to Arabella. "I'll see you soon?"

"Of course." Arabella stepped closer and wrapped her arms around his waist, embracing him. She could feel him tense against the forbidden contact, but he didn't pull away.

"Miss you." He trotted away, grinning widely.

Arabella turned with a smirk towards Priscilla, taunting her as she brushed her shoulder as she passed.

"Is that alright, dear? I know more about James, and he's reserved, like Benjamin. Is that love, Priscilla?"

The End

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