Conflicting Emotions

Thrilling, exhilerating--the gentle touch of his lips on hers sent her heart fluttering, first weak at the knees and swooning, but then something more; feelings of love, of desire and temptation of nothing Priscilla had felt before.

She returned the gesture, somewhat unsure yet wonderfully happy as his arms slowly crept around her. As the passion of his kiss increased, it filled Priscilla with half-joy, half-alarm; it was enough to wake her from her dreamy daze. Carefully Priscilla drew back, still giddy with a certain excitement, yet her sensibility seemed to be stronger then her desires, the temptations of love which on occasions had earlier lurked in her mind and then now come to reality before her. For a brief time, she relished the moment and looked deep within his eyes, him into hers, feelings so sincere and emotions so evident yet no words spoken.

"Benjamin, I...," Priscilla softly murmured, uncertain. 

"I should go," he abruptly backed away further, leaving something of a space between them now. 

Her face flushed, cheeks pink and warm, she averted her gaze. She wished she was prettier, more courageous....Priscilla brushed aside those dangerous thoughts quickly. She could only nod in response, she did not trust her voice, or even herself to figure what she would say.

"Good-bye for now, Priscilla," Benjamin whispered, so gently, so sweetly, bending in to land a final kiss on her cheek before turning his back on her and walking in the opposite direction.

She could barely believe that such was reality, that such a thing had occured. Slowly, Priscilla let her hand wander to her cheek to feel where he had placed his lips, thoughts, feelings, emotions, all conflicting and in something of a harmony all at the same time as she watched him disappear over the hillside. She returned to her work but could not focus, nearly fumbling with all of the laundry and could not stop blushing.

Priscilla's mind was brought from her own matters as she caught sight of Arabella, Mercy, and, of all people, Edgar Mosley coming over toward her. Few words were exchanged, Mercy coming to her side with Dolly hanging from her hands.

She could not contain a gasp as he twirled Arabella about and then put his own kiss on her before skipping off his own way. The younger, somewhat in a daze of happy shock, turned her eyes toward her elder sister. Harsh disapproval filled Priscilla.

"No," Priscilla shook her head, crossing her arms. "You shall not continue a relationship with him."


Priscilla stepped forward and took her firmly by the arm, bringing her face close to her sister's. "Because," she hissed. "He is not the kind you should be about. He is looking for trouble.....he does not really love you, if that is what you are thinking of. All he wants to do is play around, and in the end both your reputation and your heart will be broken."

"How do you know!" cried Arabella, snatching her arm from her elder sister's grasp. "You know nothing of Ed. And how could you think I be so foolish to let myself loose any sensibility?"

"That is simply because it is was is the usual with you!" Priscilla retorted sharply.

Arabella frowned. By now Mercy was watching intently their bickering. "I am not a child anymore, Priscilla! I can care for myself."

"Can you?" snapped the elder, making an advancing step forward.

"Yes! And very well, I would bargain!"

"What are you yelling about?" Mercy stepped in, her meek voice breaking the two sisters from their heated conversation.

"Nothing," mumbled Arabella, turning her face away defiantly, a moment of heavy, icy silence dropping between them. "I am going inside."

"You must be careful, Bella." Priscilla watched her sister turn for the house, her voice wary and paced. All the way she looked to Arabella until she disappeared into the house, closing the door with a slam. Sighing, she took up the last of the damp clothes. Was she wrong in this? Was she being hypocritial? Was Ed Mosley really as bad as she thought?

The End

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