The Witch of the Speaking Woods.

Okay, so the first bit is a bit lengthy and it starts with a fight scene. I don't know, I haven't written anything like this for quite awhile, feedback would be great.

Alice crouched on the tree branch, one hand holding the branch supporting her, the other holding her sword. She watched through her fringe as soldiers passed below through the jungle floor, most were armoured sporting spears with blades on either end. She noted the few in the middle of them that were cloaked in pale grey robes with black markings smudged all overs, mages.

One in front was pointing to the east, barking commands for the rest to make their way in that direction. She watched as they started on the path passing directly below her. This was when she made her move.

She dived down from the tree and flipped, landing on a soldier’s shoulders sending him crashing to the ground. She flicked her sword down slitting their throat and she jumped to the side to avoid a spear aimed for her chest. She parried and blocked the blows that came her way, trying to break through their defences at the same time.

A slither of flames came whizzing by her face as she flipped backwards. She laughed “Baby magic.” Another mage threw their arms up, this time a bolt of lightning springing from their fingers and arcing up into the air and flying down on her. She brought her blade up and flicked the blade catching the edge of the lightning and sending it whipping at a soldier.

The soldier was too slow to react and it hit them in the chest, the electrical energy crackled over their armour and steam burst from the seams as the soldier inside was electrocuted to death.  Another soldier came charging at her and she jabbed her blade in between their helmet and chest plate. The blade slid through and blood came gushing through and they stepped back gagging and gurgling through their helmet.

She tumbled to the side as a spear came thrusting forward she rolled into a crouch and brought her blade up to block a spear that was swinging down on her.  She forced the spear back and rolled back into a battle ready stand.

The soldiers were slowly watching her, and the mages were chanting fervently “Will you tell them to shut up? It’s not like their magic is going to actually work on someone of my calibre, I mean come on, look at me!” She laughed, tousling her hair with her free hand. A soldier came charging at her twirling their spear around, she backed away blocking and parrying blows.

They flourished and she sidestepped, seeing an opening and kneed them, stabbing her sword in their back. She snapped her leg up into a kick, forcing them off her and into another soldier. There were only three soldiers left now, not counting the one with the now gaping wound in their back.

She heard the mages behind the soldiers go silent and saw them point to her, a bright white crackling beam of energy bursting from the earth and launching at her. She twisted one foot into the earth “Rise!” She muttered. The ground in front of her shifted and a slab of stone shot up in time to take the blow of the energy for her. “Hah! Ten minutes of chanting and I stopped you with a single word. I’ll show you what real magic looks like.” She grinned.

She stabbed her sword into the ground and raised both hands in the air, smirking a bit. She felt the magical energies in the air twist around her, felt how they lived and breathed through everything and connected the space. She clicked her fingers and the magic around her expanded violently in a bubble of energy. It consumed the soldiers and tore them apart with ease, stopping before it could reach the mages. 

The mages started to run away and she clicked her fingers again, the energy bubble burst, all that magic spiralling through the air to the mages, shooting them down one by one. "Well, that was easier then I had expected." She laughed. She walked off feeling quite smug and sure that this was the last time anyone would come looking for her, the Witch of the speaking wood.

The End

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