Chapter 1

"Come on Cecelia! Want the plane to leave without us?" Shouted Mike from the car.

"Coming! Let me say goodbye at least!" Cecelia shouted back then turning to face Daniel, "Oh babe, I'm going to miss you." She kissed his cheek.

"Oh don't make me cry,"he replied fighting a tear, "Yeah it's only a couple months but were gonna miss you." A small, high pitched squeal sounded from up the stairs.

Cecelia frowned at Daniel, "What? I can't say goodbye to my daughter?" She complains running towards the stairs, "Aw Daisy, I'm gonna miss you honey."

"Mummy, where are you going?" She asked sadly with a tear in her emerald green eyes,"Please don't go for long. I miss woo enuff at night."

"Oh don't give me that look, you'll make me cry. I'm going for a couple months on holiday with uncle Mike, I wish you could come but it's too dangerous and daddy has to look after you, okay?"

She nodded sadly and jumped into Cecelia's open arms, sobbing quietly. "HURRY! UP!" Shouted Mike from the doorway this time,"Tick tock on the clock. The plane ain't gonna stop."

Cecelia got up and turned to him with smudged mascara on her face. Without a word she left through the front door briefly hugging Daniel again, then settled herself inside the car. When Mike joined her, he gave her a look of apology. He didn't know what it was like saying goodbye to your child, telling them you're going for two months and they don't understand how long that is. Mike was an explorer, he didn't have time for family, only the occasional visit to the one he was born with, Cecelia being his favourite. This time they were going to explore the ancient ruins of the village Dubris. A small village that sat on top of a hill, a river running , at the bottom, the top a well.

Mike was a daring character, no-one had been into the town, apparently the man who made the map of how to get there returned covered in scars, later died of his injuries. Cecelia however was slightly scared of what to expect, what if they die while they're there? What if they return all burned and then die? What if they don't even make it there? "Cecelia...." Why was that man burnt anyway? He said a dragon, do dragons exist? "Cecelia." Are the rumours true? Is there magic? "Cecelia." Did someone summon it? Kill everyone? "Cecelia...?" Who and why would do such a thing? What would cause it!? "CECELIA!"

"Dragon! Magic! Death! Village! Tragedy! Wishing well!" She blurted out, taking short breaths as if hyperventilating.

"Woah geez, are you alright? Don't get so worked up, I can delay the flit and turn this car around, take Xavier with me instead." Said Mike shocked at her tone.

" no. I'm, I I'm fine. Lets just get to the airport, catch our flight and get to the Welsh countryside."

"We are at the airport. You've been staring into space for the past hour. I've been calling your name every ten minutes, couldn't you hear me?"

Cecelia ignored him and looked out the window. They were indeed at the airport, long lanes of parked cars, bus stops which you catch to get to the airport, planes launching not too far away. Outside the air smelt of gas, hot rubber and the fat sweaty man in the car next to them with his window open. He really needed a shower. "Lets go then." Murmured Cecelia as if in a trance.

After going through all of security, dropping off their bags, wandering around bored, they finally bordered the plane. Cecelia had barely spoken, this mythical curse had gotten her chilled to the bone. "Excuse me, miss," she quickly asked the flight attendant once seated,"How many people are on this plane?"

"Oh jus the two of you, it's not everyday we get people wanting to fly to the ruins!" Replied the woman in a high pitched voice,"Everyone is usually too scared. You two are brave."

"What about you? You and the others are flying us there right?"

"Oh yes, but we take off as soon as you're off. You'll have to walk a few miles I'm afraid, don't want to get too close now do we...." The last few words sounded taunting, as if mocking them like they were stupid.

Cecelia sat back in her seat, clutching a sick bag she began throwing up. Just two of them? Does that mean the rumours are true? How come these people don't mention the people who didn't return? "Mike..." Cecelia began before throwing up again, "Mike...!"

"What?" He replied quite timidly as if he knew what she were going to say. Their situation was too strange to not recognize the problem.

"I think there's something wrong with the plane. We need to get!"

But it was too late, the plane began to take off and they were trapped on the plane.

The End

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