The Beginning of the EndMature

They made their way out of the building and through the broken window. The truck had bounced off from their impact and slid near the sidewalk of the same building they went into.
“I’ll get the person in the truck.” said Steve.
“Ok, I’ll take a look at this one.”
They went their separate ways.
Steve came up to the driver side of the Ford pickup. He stood on the door step and grabbed the window to pull himself up. “Hey you alright?” He said before even being able to see inside the cab. As it came into view he felt the urge to go limp but fought it. The driver was convulsing on the seat, his arm had been badly mangled and his neck as well and the cab was filled with blood. The convulsions stopped and Steve could see now that the wounds were deep and oval shaped. Just as he realized they were bite wounds the man’s eyes opened and he sat up quickly. His glance shifted frantically about for a moment before his gaze shot toward Steve in a flash. The part of his face that had been hidden was nearly entirely missing. A gaping cave of blood and bone with one eye and a crooked mouth stared at him for a short moment before gargling a blood spattering scream and lunging toward him.
“Dugh!” gasped Steve as he fell back from the truck, striking the pavement with only his back.
Meanwhile Ailesha had been making her way slowly toward the person in the street who was still looking about in quick unnatural motions. “Ma’am, are you ok?”
The woman turned to her and shouted in a high pitch.
Ailesha could see that her face was covered in what appeared to be scratch marks, her eye hanging from its socket.
The woman continued to scream, her mouth open wide, the remainder of her face forced into a grimace of hatred. She crouched and shot her head forward, opening her arms to the point where they were behind her. Her movements were fast and unnatural, accompanied by the sound of cracking joints. Her bloody fingers curled into claws and she continued to hiss as if her lungs had no end.
Ailesha heard Steve scream and turned about to see him fall from the side of the truck. Before she could turn around she heard the woman’s quick and heavy footsteps racing toward her. Ailesha dove to her right and noticed, only as she rolled on the pavement, how far the woman had traveled in the short time that she had looked away. As she rolled to her feet the woman was sliding to a stop and redirecting. Ailesha assumed a defensive stance, her mind cleared and her gaze became seriously blank.
Steve struggled frantically to regain his breath for the fall had knocked it out of him. As he rose to his feet the man in the truck wildly struggled through the driver window. Steve’s eyes flashed around him, assessing the situation and attempting to formulate a response. In a more reasonable scenario he would have been able to quickly find the best action for the problem. However the strangeness of this situation slowed the cogs of his logic long enough for him to once again be put in a compromising position. The man had gotten out of the truck faster than he had anticipated and was now rising from his fall to the pavement.
Steve acted on impulse for the first time in a long time. He ran toward the man who was now on one knee. He leapt a short distance to wind up and then torqued his body as hard as his abdominal muscles would allow to propel a powerful kick that smashed into the man’s face. The man flew backward, his head smashing against the bottom of the truck’s door.
Steve himself was pulled by the force of his kick and slammed against the door of the truck. He grabbed the handle and pulled the door but it would not move. He propped his foot up against the truck as the man began to get up. The door flung open, smashing against the back of the drivers head and launching Steve rearward. He performed a rising handspring and quickly ran toward the truck once again, leaping into the air and kicking the door for it to slam onto the mans face as he attempted to rise. Steve’s kick forced him to land on his side, sliding a short way on the pavement so that his legs were now underneath the truck. He brought his legs around, the force of this movement spun him sideways and on to his back. As the door swung back from its impact with the drivers head Steve kicked it again with both feet. He watched the body shake from the blow. Blood sprayed out onto the drivers chest and chunks of flesh and bone fell from behind the door. Steve continued to push the door every time it came back until finally it closed, the decapitated drivers mangled throat spewing blood as it fell back and underneath the truck. Steve crawled backward on his elbows in a slight panic as his mind finally caught up to what had happened. A noise alerted him to the intersection and there he saw Ailesha evading the swinging arms of a deranged and mangled woman.
Ailesha dodged a swipe and slapped away another as she backed away from the woman. She realized by now that this woman was crazed and would not stop no matter how she attempted to calm her down. She also noticed from the corner of her eyes the crowd that had gathered at all four corners of the intersection. As she pulled away from another swipe she heard Steve from behind the woman.
“Move to the right!” He screamed as she heard his quick footsteps.
In a violent motion the woman’s head snapped back as her chest was thrown forward by Steve’s two feet slamming into her back. The woman went hurtling to the floor, rolling in rag doll as her spine had snapped somewhere at the shoulders.
Steve lay on his back from the kick and looked up at Ailesha. “You alright?” He said.
“Yeah.” She replied, her arms still up in a defensive stance.
Steve got up slowly, wiping his bleeding elbows to remove the dirt. “It’s here.” He said. “This is what happened everywhere else, I never thought it would be this bad.”
“What’s going on? That woman should have been dead, half her face was pulled right out.”
“You think that’s bad? You should have seen the driver.”
Ailesha turned to see the headless body of the man laying beneath the truck. “What did you do?”
Steve turned as well. “I’m not sure, I kind of lost my cool.”
She turned to him, “We’re in trouble. If this is what’s spreading around town how are we supposed to get out of the city now that we’re on foot?”
“I don’t know.” Steve said as he turned to the crowd of people who were now slowly making their way toward them.
“Are you ok?” said the closest man.
Steve’s eyes opened wide and his face fell as he looked down the street. The crowd of people in the street was thick and a domino effect was rippling toward them. The crowd was beginning to run.
“Go.” Steve said, pulling Ailesha toward him and away from the crowded street that was slowly starting to race toward them. “Go go go!”.
They ran the other direction, breaking into the crowd that was on that side, sliding by people who were standing outside their vehicles and watching them go by in dumbfound confusion. From a birds eye view the street began to crawl as the crowd spurred on. It welled forward like the blood through a vein.

The End

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