Rude AwakeningMature

After Stan payed the tab at the bar the group made their way outside. As they gathered on the sidewalk before the pub, two police cruisers raced by toward the city with their sirens ablaze and their lights flashing.
“Not a moment too soon.” Said Mark as he grabbed his helmet. “Steve you jumping on with me or getting in with Ailesha?”
“As if you even have to ask that question.” He said as he followed Ailesha to her car which was parked across the street. “Ok.” Steve hollered from the other side of the street. “We all meet up at my place in half an hour, get what you need and get to my apartment. Got it?”
Stan and Andrew nodded as they went for their vehicles.
Mark was already pulling a short catwalk as his black and stainless Suzuki Hayabusa roared down the street.

Steve and Ailesha were making their way to her home in her Toyota Matrix. They had to cross part of the city center to get there and Steve was somewhat weary about that fact. Ailesha on the other hand was still considering this to be a false alarm.
“Why do you believe what he’s saying? I mean don’t you think we’re jumping the gun a bit.” She said as she shifted into fourth between two sets of lights in the city center.
Steve was keeping an eye out for strange behavior. He only saw fleeting glimpses of Emergency Response vehicles in the adjacent streets. “I trust Mark. Besides he’s always been right on his worries. He started training in Aikido because he feared getting jumped, and he got jumped. He went through the lengthy process of getting a license for a restricted firearm and bought a freaking pistol because he was worried about having his house broken into, and his house was broken into. Now he’s paranoid about the end of the world, and so I’m figuring we might as well humor him.”
“You’re joking right?” She said, looking at him briefly as they crossed an intersection.
They gasped in horror for the split second before the impact gripped both of them and shook them about the vehicle like rag dolls. A truck ran the red light and T-boned the rear of her Matrix. The air bags exploded into their faces as the car spun perhaps twice before snagging a fire hydrant, causing the vehicle to flip. The car rolled over the sidewalk, smashing through the window of a ground level building. Ailesha’s Matrix came to a rest on its back. Water from the hydrant was directed through the broken window by its mangled lip. It shot up against the ceiling and dripped back down onto the car like a hard rain. The sound of the fire hydrant pissing away its reserve was barely audible over the Matrix’s horn which droned constantly as if the vehicle were writhing in pain.
Steve regained consciousness as he hung upside down, held to the seat by the safety belt. He turned and noticed that Ailesha was conscious, and may have been for some time. She was already out of her seatbelt and on her hands and knees on the roof of the car.
Shards of glass from the broken window lay strewn across the roof of the car. She came to him and held her hand to his forehead, pulling back an eyelid with her thumb. “Steve can you hear me?” She said.
“Yeah, I can hear you.” He replied, now trying to free himself from the seatbelt.
“Are you hurt?” She asked, as she helped him unbuckle.
Steve grunted as the crash of broken glass and the sound of warping aluminum rang out from his fall onto the roof of the car. The palms of his hands suddenly stung from the many lacerations caused by the fragments of glass. Steve turned to the door beside him, attempting to open in awkwardly from the angle he was at. It was jammed. “My door doesn’t open.” he said to Ailesha who was trying hers.
“Mine either.”
Steve rolled his eyes and sat on the roof of the car, kicking at the windshield until it was hesitantly pulled from its grooves in the frame. He motioned to Ailesha. “You first, I’ll hold it with my foot.”
She crawled under his legs as he held the shattered yet intact windshield up. After crawling through he dropped it so that he could turn around.
As he pushed it aside and slid out, a piece of ruber from the seal flipped about in his face. In frustration he grunted and slapped it aside, sliding out of the vehicle in a painful tug.
Ailesha got up and looked around. She saw that out on the street, the passenger of the truck had gotten out and was standing in the intersection. She was looking about herself frantically in the middle of the street. Her face was covered in blood and from where Ailesha was standing it appeared as if her left eye had been ripped out by some violent head trauma.
Ailesha turned back to Steve. “Are you sure you’re alright?”
“Yeah I’m fine.”
“Ok, I’ll be right back I’m just going to check on the people who hit us.”
Steve was leaning on his knees. He got up and his back cracked as he stretched. He tossed his head from side to side as popping sounds came from it. “I’ll go with you."

The End

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