Club StompMature

The trio entered a noisy club. Strobe lights pierced the eyes and laser light cut across the thin layer of blue haze as the crowd danced to the live rock band on the stage.
Steve stood near the entrance before the other two. He turned behind him and put his mouth beside Ailesha’s ear. “You sure this is the place?”
Ailesha smiled. “One hundred percent.” she said as she went forward.
Mark’s head started bobbing to the tune as they made their way through the crowd. “Yeah, I like this.” He said to himself as no one near him could have heard anything over the blare of the music.
The trio made their way to the far back corner where it was slightly cooler and somewhat quieter than the bar section which was directly across from the dance floor and the stage. They found a table where four men were sitting in a booth and Steve noticed that Ailesha had brought them to exactly the right place.
“Hey Andrew.” Steve yelled, easily overpowering the less violent volume of the band.
“Steve? What’re you doing here? And Mark! My god I’d never expect him to be here. What’s up?”
Mark was turned about, looking at the female lead singer of the band and enjoying the music as much as his weariness would let him. He had a smile on his face as he continued to bob to the music.
Steve continued his conversation with Andrew. “We have to go.” He said. “Now.”
“What? What’s wrong?” Andrew replied, leaning closer in the booth and looking at both of them as if to make sure he heard correctly.
“Don’t look at me” Ailesha said, putting her hands up.
“There’s something coming that we want to avoid, we’re not sure how bad it is but we know that it’s already affected most of Europe and is now in the Americas. We want to go north to either outrun it’s spread or just miss it altogether.”
“What is it some kind of weather phenomenon?” replied Stan who just came back from the washroom and overheard the conversation.
“No.” Steve said, still slightly struggling to speak over the music for Stan to hear. “It’s something else, rioting and violence.”
Mark’s back was still facing the group as he watched the band. From the corner of his eye he noticed two women sitting at the bare. They were blond and definitely bombshells. He was sizing them up when suddenly they started kissing. “Whoa, hey Steve, check that out.”
Steve turned around to see what Mark had tapped his shoulder for. He gave a quick glance and shrugged, turning back to the conversation.
Mark continued to watch, his gaze traveled shortly to the right were he noticed two men holding hands. “Hey... wait a minute.” He said.
“So there’s rioting spreading through the world?” said Stan.
Ailesha nodded. “Yeah that’s pretty much the way they said it. I don’t know I didn’t see the news.”
Unexpectedly Mark turned around and faced the group, as strange expression on his face. “This is a gay bar!” He said loudly, as if it were some revelation beyond all measure. Several of the patrons turned to him with stern gases. His face fell. “Sorry.” He said. Turning back around.
Steve turned back to the table as the conversation continued as before. “We have to leave now. We’re going to stop off at all of our homes and pick up any supplies we need and then we’ll get on the road as quickly as possible.”
Mark once again turned around quickly, leaning over Ailesha and Steve’s shoulders. He looked at Stan and Andrew. “Are you guys gay?”
Stan laughed. “You never noticed?”
Mark stayed silent, with a contemplative gaze. “No. I didn’t.”
Stan put his hand on Ailesha’s shoulder. “You never told him?”
“No, as far as I’m concerned it’s up to him to figure it out on his own.”
Steve put his hand out. “Look guys we really have to get ready, we still have to stop by at everyone’s place and pick up Stan’s van, because I’d rather we have only one vehicle.”
“Hell no. I’m bringing my bike.”
Steve turned to Mark and didn’t say anything for a short while. “Alright, you can bring the bike but that means you drive ahead of us and make sure everything is good and dandy, we’ll use the radios.
“Sounds fair to me.”
Stan nodded and turned to Andrew “Ok, let’s get going.”

The End

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