The HospitalMature

The hospital was as busy as any Friday night would be. Most of the patience being admitted were of the inebriated variety. Ailesha was helping with triage in the emergency room when one of the doctors asked her to be an aid to a mild surgery. A woman had a growth that had ruptured and was causing a lot of pain to her right arm. She agreed right away and entered the small room just a few meters from the emergency waiting room. A large woman in her middle age sat waiting for her.
“Hello Mrs. Donavon?” She said, reading off the name from the chart.
“Yes.” The woman replied in a complaintive tone. “It’s very painful miss.” She remarked as she held her right arm at the shoulder. “I’ve had it for years, this bump on my arm, and it never bothered me. Just about three hours ago it started to really hurt, I noticed it was much larger too.”
“Ok ma’am.” Ailesha remarked, going over her checklist. “Can you please remove your blouse?”
Ailesha took a look at the bump, she could tell from her repertoire of knowledge that the growth had held a liquid within it. This liquid must have been under pressure as it gained in volume within the tissue until finally it burst through the weakest point. “Ok ma’am, the doctor will be here shortly, we’ll be removing the tissue and that should release the pressure. Are you alright with needles?” She asked.
“Why?” The woman answered in a worried tone.
“If you’re afraid of needles or find them uncomfortable we have a variety of local anesthetics that can work for this type of procedure. I can either use a needle which would ensure that there’s absolutely no pain other than the short sting of the needle itself. Or I can use a surface anesthetic cream or spray that will only freeze the surface of your skin which could still allow you to feel some pain during the surgery.”
“Surgery?” She exclaimed questioiningly.
“Yes ma’am, we’re going to have to remove the growth and the fluid, we’re going to freeze your arm and then make a very small incision that I can assure you won’t scar, and we’ll remove the tissue and any fluids that shouldn’t be there. Do you understand?”
The woman nodded. “Yes, I think I do. I’m sorry I’m being unreasonable.”
“It’s ok ma’am, these things can be frightening.” Said Ailesha as she turned to one of the counters in the small room. “So which would you rather?”
“Oh I’ll do the needle.”
“Ok, here we go. They say it helps not to look.”
“Young miss, I gave birth to three children and watched them all come out. I can handle a needle.”
Ailesha brushed off the frustration as she always did, skillfully she applied the anesthetic with the syringe and wiped at the spot with a cotton swab out of habit, for there was no blood. She put the syringe into the biohazard garbage and got up.
“The doctor will be here shortly ok Mrs. Donavon?”
“Ok dear, thank you, you’ve been kind and I appreciate that.”
“You’re very welcome, I hope you have a good night.”
Ailesha left the room, turning over to the one a few doors down.
“John, she’s ready to go.”
“Alright.” Said the doctor as he leaned over some paperwork. He reluctantly got up, putting down the pen and walking over to her, smiling. “Thanks again Ailesha, you can go back to the rat race now, I’m sure they need your help.”
“I’m sure.” She said smiling back at him. “See you later.”
On her way to the reception desks of the emergency room she noticed that someone there was arguing. She made her way quickly in curiosity to what the yelling was all about. To her amazement she recognized Mark who was standing just on the inside of the reception area, a nurse holding him back and pleading for him to return to the waiting room.
“Look lady...” He said, holding his index finger in her face. “You have no idea what’s about to happen, I don’t even know what the hell it is but I’d suggest you get out of here like we’re doing. Now where is she?” As if having said that cued him to notice her, his head shot up from the argument.
“Ailesha!” He said as he walked around the nurse
“Sir! Vanessa, call security now would you?” Said the nurse as she walked after him.
Mark took Ailesha by the shoulder softy yet firmly. “We’ve got to get out of here something really bad is coming this way and I don’t know if I can explain it properly but it could be catastrophic. We have to -”
She quickly interrupted him “What in gods name are you talking about?”
He stopped and turned to her. “We really have to leave.”
“I’m here ‘till three in the morning Mark, I can’t leave.”
“Ailesha, by three in the morning this place will be a warzone.”
“For christ sake will you explain to me what’s going on?” Just then she saw Steve standing near the automatic doors in the emergency room. “What’s Steve doing here?”
“He’s with me, we’re getting out of here now get changed we have to go.”
“I want to talk to Steve.”
“Fine, come with me.” He said as he turned toward the door.
“Hey you!” said a security guard who just turned the corner brandishing a baton. “ Don’t move.”
Mark turned to him “Don’t worry I’m leaving.”
“I know you’re leaving, I’m about to help you.”
“Not necessary.” replied Ailesha, “He’s with me.”
Mark noticed the guard back down reluctantly, as if he had been hoping for some action. “Don’t worry, keep yourself pumped up, you’ll have all the action you’ll ever want.”
The guard cocked his head in confusion and turned about, leaving them as they entered the emergency room.
“Steve, what the hell is going on?” Ailesha said as she made her way to him near the door.
Steve stood up from leaning against the wall as the room moaned in discontent with its myriad of wounded and sick. “We’re leaving town.” He said, “Just as soon as we can find Stan and Andrew.”
Ailesha turned red, she rolled her eyes and grunted before yelling at them both. “Why aren’t you giving me a fucking answer? All you two are doing is telling me what we’re doing, I want to know what’s going on not what we’re doing about it. For fuck sakes!”
Steve started. “We saw something on the news this morning.”
Mark interjected. “It’s like mass rioting, something’s really wrong and it’s spreading all over the world. When we started watching it at like six thirty in the morning it was in South Africa and by seven tonight it was in France and other parts of Europe and then they mentioned something about New York and that’s when I jumped on my bike and got to Steve’s office pronto. We’re hightailing it out of here before whatever it is gets here.”
“So you watched the news, saw some crazy thing that happens every day in every city across the world and you’re skipping town? Are you crazy?”
“No, he’s not.” Steve said. “I saw it on the news, it wasn’t normal. There were thousands of people, millions rioting all over in the streets.”
Mark turned to her. “And it was the same in France, and now in New York. At that rate of spread if it’s not here already it’ll be here very shortly.”
“Then wouldn’t you say I should stay here and help?”
“Ailesha” Mark said, grabbing her shoulders. “They said on the news that the hospitals were the first places that became literally demolished. That’s why we’re here, to get you out.”
Ailesha stood there for a moment, dumbstruck with the unbelievable tale that her friends had just woven for her. There was an awkward silence that was penetrated only by the lamentation of the would be patience. “Alright.” she finally said. “I’ll get my stuff. But if this is nothing I swear to god I’m going to kill you.”
“Fine fine, if it’s nothing I’ll give you your wages worth for the night I promise.” Mark said pushing her toward the office doorway hurriedly. “Now go get changed and be right back.”
“Yeah yeah.” she replied making her way into the back offices once more.
“My god.” Steve said shaking his head. “That took a lot of time. I hope Andrew and Stan are more reasonable.”
“Same here.” replied Mark as they both stared blankly in the direction she had gone.
Steve turned to Mark. “What’ll we do?”
“What do you mean?”
“Where are we supposed to go?”
Mark stood silent for a moment and then started. “North. Try to outrun it if we can. Maybe it’ll never get here, but I doubt that.”
“I’d rather be safe than sorry, if it was as bad as what I saw this morning in France and New York I’d want to be as far away as possible.”
“Steve you have no idea.” Mark said. “It was a lot worse than what you saw this morning. People were burning in the streets, running around on fire. People were being shot on the spot in huge groups by police, tear gas was flying all over the place it was insane.”
“And they showed all that on the news?”
“It was live, and I guess the producers weren’t quick enough to flip it back to something else or were just too stunned to do anything.”
Finally Ailesha came out from behind the doors once more in ordinary civilian clothing and came up to the two men. “Alright I’m ready to go.”
Steve crossed his arms and frowned in contemplation. “ Now how are we going to find Stan and Andrew?”
Ailesha chuckled. “Easy.”

The End

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