Steve sat at his desk, on the drawing board lay a blank canvas. Pensively he observed the void, peering into the emptiness. He picked up a black marker and made a few quick strokes, a semi circle and several more slashes on the canvas that became a skillfully accurate rendition of the human eye. As if infected with a vicious inspiration he attacked the canvas with enthusiasm, swiping with the marker with quick sharp strokes. His eyes focused, his brow furrowed, his head cocked to the side in contemplation as his arm continued its assault on the canvas. Strokes populated it with great speed and soon he cast aside the black marker and searched momentarily on his desk before retrieving a blue one. A few quick strokes later he pulled up a red one, then a yellow one and onto purple and green. A knock at the door severed his gaze from his work.
“Yes?” He hollered as the door opened.
“Hey Parker, how’s that exhibit going?”
“It’s just about done, but it’s a quick one. If you want me to do something better you have to give me more than half an hours notice. I have two more to do for Lindsey before we go to the pub.”
“Sounds good, can I see?” Said the man as he peered from behind the door.
“Sure Shawn, come on in.”
Shawn entered the room excitedly, closing the door behind him with juvenile glee. He made his way to the desk quietly as if he were sneaking out of bed at the age of nine. “Let’s see what our Michelangelo has for us.” He said as he came around the desk. “Wow...” he hushed, as he beheld the artwork before him. “She’s beautiful, did you just pull that right out of your head?”
“Sure did, and thanks for not asking me who she is. I hate that question.”
“Good to know. Man you didn’t need more time this is perfect!”
“To you maybe, but to the potential buyers of the advertisement it may be lacking.”
“I doubt that, I’ve got a great pitch for them. We’ll have that contract in no time.” Shawn turned to him with a questioning expression. “Did that intern stop by at all?”
“Who Nancy?”
“No the new one, um... Christa or something.”
“No why was she supposed to?”
“Not really, I mentioned who you were when she noticed some of your work in my office from the Chrysler campaign and she told me she’d probably stop by to meet you.”
Steve cocked an eyebrow. “Really, is she pretty?”
“She’s about as stunning as your lady in ink here.”
“Did you tell her about Ailesha?”
“Of course not.”
“You scoundrel, are you trying to get me in trouble?”
“Absolutely not.” He said with a wink.
“Is she coming to the pub with us tonight?”
“Not if Ailesha is.”
“You’re ridiculous, I wouldn’t cheat on her.”
Shawn laughed, “It’s not cheating, you’re not going steady, you guys are still feeling each other out, no rules state that you can’t feel others out at the same time.”
“No, true. But past experience proves that doing so is about as dangerous as playing Russian Roulet.”
“Good point. So is Ailesha coming?”
“No, she can’t she has a night shift at the hospital.”
“Great, I’ll see you at nine.” Shawn said with a smirk. “Keep up the good work, and I’ll be back in ten minutes to get that from you.”
“Do you want me to add on it?” Steve remarked as Shawn grabbed the door handle.
“Um... yeah sure I trust you.” He said almost mockingly. “ I’ll be right back.”
“Yeah yeah, get going already.” replied Steve as he focused once again on the woman before him. The door closed, its sound was followed by a silence broken only by Steve’s breathing. “Steve, why do you put yourself into these situations.” He said to himself, picking up another colored marker and swiping away at the canvas once more.
The End

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