Chapter 15

Gabriel and I arrived home with his arms wrapped around my shoulders, mine holding his. I turned the key in the lock and pushed against the door, forcing it open. 

"We're home!" I called to my mother, who replied from the kitchen,

"I've almost finished preparing dinner, go wash your hands!" I went up to my room to put my bag in my room, before closing the curtains. Gabriel chuckled behind me.

"Going to bed now, are we?" I pulled a face at him and said,

"Actually, I'm getting dressed, so you should leave. I'll be quick." He smiled, and left, closing the door behind him. I pulled on the first garments I found; a green, long-sleeved tunic top and a pair of black leggings. I brushed my hair quickly and rubbed some lip balm over my mouth. I draped a gold necklace around my neck and, satisfied with my appearance, opened the curtains. "You can come in now, Gabriel." He did so, dressed in his usual attire; a white rugby jersey with black jeans. However, my mother had washed them since he had last worn them, breathing a new life into them. We both smiled as we saw each other.

"You look beautiful, Ayla." he said. 

"Thank you, Gabriel," I replied, before adding, "You are also a handsome fellow," in a faux-posh accent which had us both in fits of laughter. We both went to the bathroom to wash our hands. I stared into the mirror and began to scrutinise my appearance.

"You don't need to do that," Gabriel said, "I'll do it for you. Close your eyes." Seconds later, his lips were against mine, and I felt as though my heart was trying to take flight from my throat. I opened my eyes, and took in his face. We remained in this loving, understanding silence for a few moments, before my mother's voice echoed from the kitchen,

"Come on, lovebirds, grub's up." Taking my hand, Gabriel led me downstairs. As we sat down, my mother asked,

"How was school today?"

"It was wonderful, Mrs Bronnley, everyone treated me so kindly." Gabriel replied.

"Yeah, the teachers loved him too. Especially Mr Donald." I added.

"How did Gabriel so impress him?"

"I read Shakespeare's Sonnet 130 to the class." 

"He read it beautifully, mum, he has one of those storyteller voices." My mother sat, emotions drawn out through the recollection of memories painted on her face. We began to eat our meal, Chinese style chicken with noodles, when my mother continued, "I have a few questions to ask you, Gabriel, if that's alright.

"Go ahead." I held Gabriel's hand under the table as my mother began.

The End

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