Chapter 12

"...and so, Mr Christian, I believe that Gabriel should be given the chance to attend school here." I was sat in a hard-backed leather chair in the headmaster's office, overwhelmed by the sheer grandeur of it all. I sat straight, yet forward in the chair, attempting to persuade the headmaster that my plan should be put into action. Mr Christian paused a moment, then replied, with a smile, 

"If he proves to be a mischief, we'll remove him, but the board grants Gabriel the chance to attend." I almost screamed with happiness, but remembered my manners and replied,

"Thank you, sir, Gabriel will be here tomorrow."

I kept my word. Sort of.

 It had been some task, getting my mother to come round to the idea of Gabriel using our bathroom - including the shower. Having shown her the school rules on presentable appearance, she agreed.

I stood outside the bathroom door, listening to the sound of running water. This sound lasted a very long time, so I called, "Gabriel, are you alright in there?" There was no reply, so I opened the door and repeated myself.

"I'm fine, sorry I've been a while. It's the cleanest I've felt in ages!" He peered out from behind the shower curtain and asked for a towel, which I passed to him. As he went to get out I said,

"Should I leave?" But as I uttered those words, he stepped out of the shower, clad in the towel. I gasped. His dark hair now clung to head, his eyes more intense now. But it was not at his beautiful face that I gasped. It was his torso; I picked out individual bones and saw the hunger he had experienced written in flesh and blood. Forgetting his half-nakedness, I hugged him close and told him, "I'll make you better." I loosened my grip and left the bathroom as he dressed himself in his new uniform. I heard the whirr of the hairdryer and when he stepped out, his exterior now suited him. He looked a gentleman, but his humility shone through. He looked amazing. I whisked my hairbrush through my hair one last time and looked at the clock.


"Oh, flip!" I exclaimed, as we both rushed for the bus, "We're so not missing this."

I was wrong.

"Looks like we're going to walk then." Gabriel laughed.

"No we're not!" I returned, "we're running!" 

We were so determined, we arrived only 5 minutes late. 

The End

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