A moment.Mature

Damn, I can't believe she doesn't remember, but she said it felt familiar. Why doesn't she remember? I can't tell her now, too much time needed to protect her from my brother. 

He has always like to play games, he took advantage of my soul mate who is frantically kicking and screaming in my arms right this minute, fighting to go home as she does not know. I wish she knew or I could tell her but I know somewhere my brother lies beneath, secretly listening in, watching and waiting till he gets his own way. It won't happen, I won't let him get to her!

'JUST STOP' I bellowed at her, all of a sudden a stunned silence fell across the Island. I turned her around to face me, landing my lips on hers, feeling her body shake beneath me, smelling her sweet skin, tasting her is like eating strawberries, I can feel her lips move with mine as we both begin to move closer to one another. I run my fingers through her hair, so soft and free. All of a sudden the urges of biting her neck come to me so I push her to ground, leaving her confused. It's too early to explain.

The End

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