I could feel myself slipping from his grip, my eyes felt so heavy, I just could not find the energy to tell him that I was slipping but he soon noticed and jumped me up, waking me up. Ouch, that hurt. 'Are we there yet?' asking sounded fed up of travelling. Although secretly I am enjoying being in his company. I have missed him.

'Nearly.' So a plain and simple answer is all I'm going to get, I see. I sighed aloud to attract his attention, unfortunately that did not work. 

As time passed, I started to notice some tree's and rocks appearing as if we have just traveled to a new island. It is beautiful, the land is green, with blossomed flowers spread across. Why did this all feel familiar? Has my mum took me here before, we've been so many places, it is hard to remember. We move a lot because of me, I've always had trouble follow me everywhere. They don't understand, I couldn't control what was happening, all I knew that it was done to protect me... But why would I need protecting?

The End

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