Is it time?Mature

Ugh. I was so tired of these chores, every day and night I am up and running about for this handsome guy. When will he take me home? I go to sit down on a rock when a big thud came from behind me. I turned around to see him glaring at me. I started to blush. Why does he have to stand so close when he has this effect on me? I wonder if he knows.


I knew she liked me from the moment I saw her. How do I tell her though? Should I tell her?

I have to go soon but I cannot take her with me. I must take her where no one can find her and make sure no one is watching. If I get caught what will my family say?

Look at her, she is so beautiful, her hair is like a red rose soft and smells so sweet that just dangles on the floor, her eyes innocent blue. That summer dress she is wearing just does no good for my imagination. I cannot stop thinking about her. I wonder what she dreams of, but I can't seem to get into her dreams. Not how I used to when she was so small and cute. Why doesn't she recognize me? Have I changed so much? 

I stare at her for ages until suddenly she jumps up, 'I-I-I-I'm s-s-s-s-sorry' I just nodded and walked a way from her. I must resist that beautiful voice and those soft cherry coloured lips that shake as the words come from her mouth.

I shall have to tell her tonight, It is time. Tonight I shall tell her the beginning but not the middle or the end. I will take her on her adventure that I promised her years ago.


I got back to my chores so he wouldn't speak to me. I'm too afraid to know. I don't want to hear his seductive voice, It's too much. I just want to go home. I feel like such a prisoner. What did I do to deserve this?

As the sun goes down another day I get my so called bed ready, I undress myself and wrap the sheet of cloth around me for warmth, as I lie there looking up at the cieling I felt my chest tighten as if someone was pushing down on me. Not this again please not this again. I tried to scream for help but all I could do was fight for my breath back.  Why me?

I gave up, I didn't want to fight no more. I felt myself going deeper and deeper into the darkness. It seemed so peaceful and calm but there was no light. Why can't I die right now? Why are they making me go through this pain and live?


What have I done? Why won't she wake up? I shake her petite body, she looks so fragile and pale. As I kept shaking her back and forth she slowly started to awake. My voice is husky but loud enough for her to hear 'Hey sleepy head, are you okay? Look, I should have told you before, but we must go now, It is too dangerous to be here, I will take you some place safe and you must stay there until I get back okay? Just give me a nod if you understand me.' With that reply she had just managed to nod her head then she wrapped her arms around me tightly.

I dressed her, she felt so cold and her breathing slowed down, I wondered what had happened in the night? Had someone hurt her? I picked her up putting her over my shoulder, holding on tight. Before I left the dark hole I checked around me and whispered to her softly that everything will be okay. Then I drifted off into the night sky towards my destination to keeping my beauty safe.

The End

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