The dark.Mature

Day and night I would spend in this little dark hole with this strange man, I never saw his face it was too dark but occasionally he asks me if I am hungry but I just shake my head. I am too scared to speak. And if I did speak, Would something happen to me?

I didn't know what day it was, I didn't know how long I have been in here for. One day I was just starting to get used to the place he asked me to join him to go outside but I turned him down... I felt safe here although I couldn't see anything. Maybe that is why i feel safe. No one could see me. I wonder if my mum has noticed that I am gone, I feel so bad. I didn't even leave a note. Tears roll down my face as I close my eyes thinking of my mum. I feel somebody wipe my tears of my face but when I open them nobody is there. I wish my mind would stop playing games with me. My life is over.

As I sat staring into the darkness with my mind so blank. All of a sudden I had the urge to shout as loud as I could to hear the sweet echo of my voice but something was holding me back. As then I realized I had not spoken for days because I had not wanted to but I want my voice to be heard. I want answers which I cannot get because I cannot find him. Where could he be in this dark little hole. I miss his figure walking around, asking me questions. Maybe he could save me from this nightmare.

But I'm not dreaming! Although it does make me feel more secure when I do believe it is a nightmare. I will get out of here soon. As soon as he comes back I'll demand he take me home. But for now I might as well sleep... There is nothing more I can do. As I let out a big yawn I curl up into a big ball and go to sleep.

'Now you sleep my precious, one day you shall be mine. And don't you worry about your mother she is being taken care of. You just stay there and sleep. And don't you wake up until the morning. When the morning comes maybe I shall reveal myself to you although you may not be ready to face the consequences yet of your dark secret.' The guy starts to laugh quitely to himself stroking her sweet face watching her sleep.

I woke up abrutly with a bright light shining on my face. 'Mum, close the curtains, it is too bright to wake up today.' After a while the light still had not gone so I opened my opened my eyes and stood up in a fury. There stood the most handsome guy you could ever meet, his skin was so perfectly pale, his black hair looked so soft and his eyes are sharp green and tempting. I could just fall into his arms right now.

Stop. What am I thinking? I barely know him. Who does the guy that saved me have to be so god damn gorgeous? Is this a fairytale? Will he be generous to save me?

'Get up now. You have work to do. I don't expect you to lie round all day, I have errands to do. And the sooner I get rid of you the sooner I can move on with my life. I'm sick of seeing you here!' He snapped. I jumped at the sound of his voice, with my eyes wide open I just stared at him, he stared back in disgust. With that he threw a piece of paper at me, It missed me completely so I picked up from the floor by my side and started to read when I had finished I looked up to see nobody but the sun light shining through the hole.  

Maybe not so much a fairy tale but he will get me out of here.... Alive.

The End

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