The truth.Mature

My head was starting to whirl, I need to sit down but it was physically impossible so I asked whoever was out there, whoever was holding me, whoever was hurting me. 'Please let me sit down, I am too tired.' In that instance I was swooped into the high black sky going the speed of lighting. I had no idea what was happening to me, I am too weak to care now, this is it. I wish i got chance to say goodbye to my mum.

After a few mintues, I came to a halt and what felt like being layed down on rock was actually quite comfortable, I closed my eyes and drifted into a deep sleep.

Wait. I can't dream that I am dreaming, so all of this is real, but how can it be real if I cannot see anything. Those words came back to haunt me,' If you do not believe, you do not see.' Do not see what? What is there to see? I wish someone could tell me, this is so frustrating. Why doesn't someone tell me what is going on? When I wake up I will figure this all out and get out of this mad crazy place.

Suddenly there is this big thumping noise which I awake too screaming, then I see it. A tall figure lurking outside. I climb up over the rocks and slowly start to edge myself closer and closer towards this figure of interest. Has someone saved me from my nightmare?

'You know sneaking up on me won't work, I can hear your footsteps and I can smell you so I know where you are' The deep clear voice had spoken, I was astonished. My first reaction was to smell myself but I didn't smell, so how could he smell me? I stood there for some time just staring at his back not knowing what to do. Eventually I started to scream and run towards the exit but he was too quick. He grabbed and pulled me down, pinning both of my arms above my head.

'don't you dare step one foot out of there, not without me. Do you understand?' In reply to this vile change of his voice I just nodded as I was too scared to talk mostly shocked.

The End

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