This place.Mature

I woke up the next morning wondering where I was and what had happened. I know for certain I have not been here before. This place seemed so familiar but yet so dead in my memory. What is it about this place that gives me that feeling of deja vu? Have i been here before?

I walk around thinking to myself, taking in the scenary. The entrance has two walls either side with white and purple flowers growing up of it. As I walker further alone the walls would become lower and the flowers would become more dull and lifeless. At the end there would be two choices of either going left or right. My heart was telling me to turn back but my mind was convincing me to carry on and turn left. So I did. I went left and then left again, the walls started to become closer, I felt trapped, had I fallen into one? Am I still dreaming? I pinched myself but that did not work, I was really going through this.... Place.

I walked on and on, it seemed ages, I didn't know where i was going or where I was going to end up. I wish I listened to my heart, I don't like adventures. I rustle through my bag to find my phone but when I open my bag I find only food, drink and clothes. This cannot be happening. What has happened? How am I supposed to get in contact with my mum now? I fall to my knees crying softly in my hands.

Then there was that touch again on the shoulder but when I looked nobody was there. What is happening to me? I wish I could wake up from this nightmare. It was then I heard a voice, a sound of a child whispering the same sentence over and over again, 'Please come find me, please come find me.' I was already creeped out but this girl needed my help so I followed the sound of the whisper.

As I walked on, it got darker and more scarier but I kept following the sound of the voice because my mind was telling me I had to save the child. All of sudden I could not control my body, it was as if my whole body was froze on the spot but then I was shivering as I only had my shorts and teeshirt from last night if that was last night. I wonder how long I have been in here for, seems ages. My teeth started to chatter and i hugged myself tightly although I was panicing I was losing the sound of that beautiful small voice but I could not move I was stuck.

As I stood there still as a rock, I felt something brush past me which made me tumble. Another voice appeared, 'If you do not believe you shall not see.' I didn't know how to react, I started to squeal and squirm fighting but i felt something holding me tightly so I couldn't move. I could hear myself screaming 'Please let go of me please, you're hurting me please' but nothing came out of my mouth.

It was then I felt a big pain in my stomach as if someone had just punched me. I could not make sense of this, no one was holding but yet I could not move and I felt like I was back at school with the bullies. I wish I could wake up right now.

The End

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