The windy nightMature

A girl runs away from her home to a place where she has never been before. It is dark, cold and she is all alone. One night in this dark and cold place she see's dark red eyes and the shape of what seems to be a body lurking in the distance.

I packed my bags quickly before mum came home. I do not have a problem with my mum, I just want an adventure and an adventure it shall be...

As I lock the door behind me words of regret fill my mind but it is too late to go back now. What if I did go and my mum needed help? Of course she would ask grandma. Just do it.

I ran faster and faster through the fields and the woods and the graveyards. I stopped for a while to catch my breathe but this weird sensation in my body seeped its way down my back giving me the shivers. There was something about this place, it creeped me out but yet I want to find out more so I set my tent up and made a red hot fire.

As I was sitting by the fire warming myself up, I felt something touch me. When I looked behind me nothing was there so I ignored it and went back to the fire. It was getting pretty late so I decided to go to bed. As I got comfortable in my sleeping bag I felt something rather heavy push down on my lungs, I was trying to fight it off but the more I fort the heavier the push. I was struggling for so long that in the end I gave up. Is this the end for me?

The End

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