The Wilderness of Time

This strange mysterious world that we're living in. Our eyes are open, yet we're crawling around blind.

We live in a three dimensional world.  At least, we think we do.  We experience things in the space around us, and travel around in that space all of our lives.  Time is a fourth dimension, but it's more mysterious to us.  We can't measure it with a ruler; we can't feel it with our hands.  

Salamanders have very primitive eyes for seeing the space around it.  Our time-eyes are even more primitive.  We can only really see the exact moment that we're sitting in.  The other moments in the past are only dim shadowy memories.  

If we had fully developed time-eyes, we would be able to see that we are actually long, thin worms crawling through space-time.  Our tails are coiled up in our childhood homes entangled with our mothers, and siblings, but as our bodies grow thicker, we branch out into new areas.  We're twisted around our schools, tangled up with our friends worm bodies.  

These other parts of our worm bodies are just as real as the part that's living in the present moment.  The entirety of our true bodies exist simultaniously in fifth-dimensional space-time.  

This all sounds very esoteric and benign, but what we don't realize, is that there are fifth-dimensional creatures with very highly developed time-eyes.  Not only eyes, but time-claws, time-teeth, and time-minds.  We burrow down in the soil of time-space because these creatures can attack us at any point in our long worm bodies.  They know just how to hurt us.  

The End

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