The Reward of the Titan

The titan's head with my award. We then run off to another creature also called the cyclops, it was fighting with a giant eagle. To end all of this, I jump on the cyclops' tusk and climb to it's back, then I run on the cyclops' back till the end of it. I jump. And slash my sword towards the giant eagle, to land safely, I ride on the dead giant eagle as it falls, making me safe.

My father quickly shot the cyclops on all of it's limbs, and I end it when I slash it's legs from behind. My mother and my father awarded me the cyclops' limbs. We quickly move deeper into the grassland, and notice a river. It was a fast-running current, we had to make a boat. I thought of it, quickly, I chuck the cyclops' tusks and tear it apart from it's head, and then use the tusk as a bridge. Halfway to the other side, we noticed that the tusk was shaking, was it the end? Upon the shaking, a huge sea monster appeared, without no hesitation, I jump into the sea monster's chest and stab it, it still didn't die, I let go off the sword and jump to the surface of the sword as it lodged in the chest, I remove the sword and run on the sea monster's chest towards the head, then I stab the head. I backflipped back towards the tusk. Safely we moved into the other side of the land, was it really safely?

Upon arriving, we saw a pack of beavers, it was nothing. So my parents let me hunt them alone. I line them one by one and slash every beaver, one by one. Ofcourse, it was nothing. We continue walking and we finally see the point of half, the point of half is a mythical peace of land, where one half is grassland, and the other is a desert. We step into the desert, and as soon as that happened, we noticed shaking in the ground. A huge titan appeared, it was the titan we killed. It was the last challenge, it was more giant than before, quickly, I charge into the titan, but I had no chance. The titan simply kicked me and I fly back towards the grassland part. With an idea, my father runs to the tusk and grabs it, removing the bridge tusk.

He told me to use it instead of the sword, really great idea, but as soon as I introduced the titan to the tusk, the titan seemed as it changed into a mammoth. I become really confused, making it a chance for the titan to finish me. However, my father runs to the task and stab the titan while it is charging at me. The blood gets splattered everywhere, we all laughed, and died of hunger.

The End

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