The Jocked Night

What is that sound? I hear a roaring sound, it's a bear mixed with a lion!

I have never seen anything like this before, ofcourse, I panicked, but I couldn't let my family down. Instead of the bear-lion, I roar, and charge towards the bear followed by a jump and a quick slash to the bear's head, cutting the head into a half, I grab the left half and chew it, and leave the right half for my family.

My father came up to the noise, as an award, he wanted me to sleep and that he will guard for the rest of the night. My father used a shotgun. He heard a noise, this time, it was an elephant, my father quickly woke up the family and decided to make the combo. I, bravely, run to the charge while it is not charging, grab it's tusk and climb towards it's head, ride on it's back and stab it several times in it's head, while my father repeatedly shoots the elephant's head, and my mother smashing the revolver into the elephant's legs.

With the final stab of my sword, I fall down with the elephant, luckily, before I land on the ground, I jump off the elephant's back to a vine and swing back infront of my father. I was the ninja of my family.

By the time all this ended, it was day, we had packed our camp and we ran off towards the grassland. We saw a very giant creature near us, it was a titan!

I quickly charge to the titan and stab it's legs, and removing the sword and stabbing it in the upper leg until I can reach the shoulder. I reached the shoulder, like always, I ride the head and look down to the giant titan's eyes, he stares to me and then roars, the roar made me fall down off the titan to the ground, I smash down to the ground.

My father got very angry and decided to use his rare Angry Shot, he quickly shot 20 bullets into the titan's head, making it fall. The problem is, it was falling down to me. Rapidly, I stab the sword down to the ground, leaving the sharp end towards the titan's chest as it falls, ofcourse, the titan dies within it's fall.

The End

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