The Wild Wilderness

It talks about a family that lived in a grassland, full with many animals that aren't even compatible in the biome.

My name is Jock, I am French.

Me and my family, The Jocks, live in an old tavern in a grassland with nothing but grass and no trees, and each time a fire occurs, we have to run down to the basement and wait for the fire to go off. If the fire reaches the basement, we panic and hope to survive. I'm tired of this, me and my family went to a trip to the great wilderness of what we call The Jocked Wilderness!

Our very first experience in the wild was apparently hiking over a huge mountain and looking at a mountain goat, according to my encyclopedia, mountain goats do not live in grasslands, my father thought that this is chaos. So he violent pulled out his shotgun and shot off all of the mountain goat's limbs, and let the mountain goat suffer.

It was my turn to defeat some wilderness, my father handed me a sword and asked me to kill a gazelle from the herd. Like a cheetah, I run off chasing gazelles, once I got the chance to kill one, I jumped on it's back and stabbed my sword to it's neck. I proudly watch its head fall down, helpless. As an award, I put the head on my backpack for several uses.

It was my mother's turn, seeing as she could not use melee weapons, she took out a revolver from her own own and faced a lion, it was the biggest encounter we have ever seen. So we all had to share our kill. What I did is simply what I did every time, except no jumping, and no chasing. In a quick maneuver, I slash the lion's eyes with my sword, followed by a shot to the head with my father's gun, and a killing shot to the heart with my mother's revolver.

It was time to set the camp, it was already night, I set the very old camp that resembled our tavern except with no basement, one of us had to go guard, bravely, I decide to go guard with my sword, me and my sword. All alone.

The End

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