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The problem that they were facing, was that something killed Paulus. She had seen him come through things like before. He never stopped being alive, but he did in this case. He was dead.

Nataly felt that this kid and his father opened a portal for a devil if one would call that a devil. The devil was a far looser term than what he was. She did not know know exactly where the kid had gone.  She lost him in the room. Where the portal was?

That was the only place he could have gone. How did Paulus want no expect me to go there and seal it up with him. I was a bloody researcher, that was all I am.  He was the one with the experience in this feild. He was no longer with us.

He lost his breifcase, but I know that he always had left a back up here. He told me, this repearedly that he did this each day that we went anywhere to face anything that he did not understand.

He seemed afraid of what he was facing here. He did not explain to me, why? However he did drink some whiskey that was neat. Which he never did before? Not even when I wanted to get completely drunk 'after seeing one of our friends get slain. When I had come first had come into the agency,.

The librarian looked at me, and asked, "Are you sure it was a gate way or a portal to clhulthu realm?"

"Yes, that is what I believe it is? That the boy opened,"


"It involves a statue of chluthu, with his own blood and that of his father's as well." I supplied to him.

He walked into the darkened hallway to find the answer for me. He knew I would not leave without that information that he had in regards to this.  He brought me, the folders that were before Paulus had left the building to take me there. 

His partner was the man, whom we had found slain with that accursed dagger in his chest and that  fake statue that we all took to be real.  Paulus had broken in, figuring he  had avoided him from having stolen the statue. We did not even think to check the books that were there.

He brought me, the folder, I opened it, and began to read through the files. 

The End

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