"We Have Lost Paulus?"Mature

     Nataly drove like a deamon towards the library. She knew when it was opened. She got out of the librarian hold the door open for him.  The tottering old man, whom she knew as Deseast.  He had knowledge of every detail that was arcane.

"Where is Paulus?" Deseaat asked, there was concern in his vocie.

"He died! Trying to get inside the house!" she said between sobs.  

"Where is the boy?" Deseat asked her, as he looked over her shoulders to look the car and not seeing the boy, whom they had been sent to find.

"Inside the house, is where he is!" " she supplied, she did not know how to explain this matter to him. She knew he was the father of Paulus.

"You left him, there?" Deseat  offered as he stood there, looking at her not believing what she was telling him.

"It was not by my choosing!" she warned,"I want and needed some help to do these things."

"Where did you go?" Deseat inquired as sfera curled its mighty fingers about him

"The Whitely estate. The front door has the elder sign>" she declared


"They have opened the gates to a portal?"

"How can they do this?"

"They have?"

"The statue at Markus Jibrater was a forgery?" Nataly suggested, she had remembered the house where they had found Markus' dead body in his room. His heart had been removed, there was a serpentine knife protruded from his chest.  She thought that they had gotten there before the theif had stolen the item that they had thought to protect.

The death of his had been an awakening of the agency. That she worked for,

The End

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