The cityMature

 I looked into the sky to see if I could see here there. However there was no one there. The wind still sped around me. I was unable to find a way to get back from whence I had come. I had to steel my nerves to begin my travel. Looking over the terrian to see the huge city. The city looke as it had from where I had been standing.

Streets went in every concievible direction that there was imaginable. The buildings were of all types and forms. They looked like they were made by a madman. Every shape that there can be. There was not a rythm or reason for it to be there.

I began my walk to the city, sweat ran and poured from me, like I was a raging river. The water was white with froth. I was growing tired and I still had not come into the city. In its center sat Cthuthlu on a throne in the middle of the structure. He had not moved from where I had last seen him.

I was without a weapon, and then I realized, I was still buck naked.

I did not know where Nataly was, my life was pretty much sunk here, without her knowledge or guidence

The End

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