Slain before this beingMature

    She began her flight ith me into the abyss, we were frightened of where we would go. The plucked us as if we were a petal  off of flower to determine if she loves me or not. She stopped her descent, how I did not know. I hung there like a body hanging on noose. The force of pull that was to continue my descent pulled me so hard. The gravitational pull doubled than quadrolateral, and so on and so forth.

She held me there, suspended. I tried to begin my ascent.. The force hammered us into state of plscidity. We both were unable to keep ourselves awake. Our endurance weened to a state of nothingness.

Something shuddered. Nataly woke from her stupor. The pain she had felt that put her in the state of dormancy was. Thw rope she had secured about her breasts was pulled a taunt as a parachutes rip cord when being pulled. It hurled her upwards in he stupor she had released me.

I tumbled head long into the mountain of yellow powder like snow that had not felt a ski touch it. She dangled a good thirty feet above me in the rip tide of this wind. She had her eyes open as she looked down but was unable to see me.The only thing she able to see was the vortex the sun like a helicopters forward rotater.

She crawled up the rope to get to the floor of hallway. Things still flew into the vortex like vacuum. It was like going into a state of decompression. Her lungs felt like they would burst, crawling across the floor like a spider not daring to release the silk thread that held  held her safe. She found the latch no longer attached to the door. Hung onto the rope that she had connected to it. she looked at her hands, They stung as though dipped into a bathe of lye.

She slithered out the back door, objects whoosed over head into the chamber. She made it toe car. Drove the heel of her foot into teh gas pedal and tore out of there, She swore she would not leave me there.


I began to walk towards the city. I felt groggy. My mouth was so dry that just thinking of a watermelon made my lips water. I had to get into the city where they had taken my father into to have him slain before this being.

The End

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