I dangled from her hands.Mature

After she had eased open the door to the interior house, the house's interior had been looked like it was that of an operating theatre.   The wind still blew through here.  The wind tore the air out of our lungs . We held onto the door frame.  I did not understand the signifigance of us being naked.  But we were, she had the looks that interested me, but that was why most men may have looked at her.  Was due to the death of Paulus and our own knowledge of this matter.  We crawled across the floor into the hall way, Nataly stripped down to her skin, she put two coils of rope onto her shoulder. As did I, I put my hand over my privates. I was blushing. 

She laughed at me, "Believe you, me. I have seen man's genitals.  Before."

"And we are going to go through there naked."  I was still blushing, but decides since she was naked I might as well go along with it. So, I removed my hands from my anatomy. Got down on my hands and knees and joined her in this mad idea of hers.

"Have to get in there? And seal the portal!" she suggested to me. 

      I thought she was out of her little mind. However when she explained to me, this way we will be a lot smaller then we presently air, we went in here buck naked. Crawling across the floor, Crushing the rodent shit was our bodies to grind it into powder.

The mice looked at us as though we were about to become a meal, it looked like they were trying to decide who they try first. I still felt the chill of seeing them again, as over our heads flew whatever was not nailed down. Flew over our heads, pieces did connect with us. They did a mininual damage to us.

We arrived at the door way where the door had long since went.  There was a huge wind that roared from the room.  Nataly was nearly driven onto her belly, by the force of the wind that roared or over head the objects collided with her, she did not did not look good, blood ran from her brow thanks to the objects the whizzed over head.  Connected the first rope that she had secured to the car that awaited our arrival to hook it up to another door.

She secured the door by the hook. She had put the other rope that  she brought with  her to this door. She motioned for me to crawl into the room where the door was no more. The wind had roared, and propelled me into the room, I was slipping and sliding like a curling stone being thrown very heavy for a take out weight. I could not find anything to latch onto keep me from going there.

I screamed,"Nataly save me!"

I did not know if my voice was loud enough to be heard by her, I began to pray, tears had ran down my face. There was not able to do to stop myself  from going down or into the room. There still stood the book shelves, untouched by the wind that had blown through here. I prayed it had been.

I began to slip further into the room.

Nataly had looked at the predicament I was in she knew she had to protect me.  Having drawn a quick look at me, the wind wooshed and blew as it tore through the room. She  dove towards where I had been she tried to stop me.  In the spiral to stop me from descending into the room, I felt nothing beneath my hands and body, I had felt a hand grab my wrist. I was still being able to find any thing to latch onto, but her hand.  Both of her hands held my wrist as I dangled there.

The End

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