It was not as strong as it had been.Mature

We fought to go back to whence we had come.   Nataly laid her body over  Paulus to be able to move him back from whence we came. The wind struggled and fought to pull us forward,  the pressure was enormous.  We were covered in blood our pours ran from the force of the wind that blew through the room. Everything was air bourne.  Lashed at  us. Tore us to pieces. 

After we emerged from the house. We could barely lift our heads; we were bone tired. Our bodies could barely move. She looked at me.  Was currently crying  over Paulus body. She looked at the body and made the sign of the cross.

"We have to go back in there." Nataly suggested as she looked at the room, that lay between us  and the room, that was where the wind had come from to cause this much damage I looked at her as if her mind was addled, what was she talking about.

I asked,  as I looked at her as if I did not understand the matter, before us. I was fearful of her suggesting this to me, "Go back there in that?"

I could not believe her. There has to be away to close the door, now. However  that would mean we would have to be able to go there. It may have killed Paulus. Whatever it is that I had opened, with my blood and my father's.  It was in regards to Cthulhu that I had by accident to have our blood run into the reservoir that was beneath the sculpture of it. What have I done, the realization began to fill my soul as I looked at her. What have I done? What have I? Tears spread down my cheeks, I was fearful of what I had done.

Paulus's blood was still running out of his body. I crawled over to him, saw ribs protruding from his chest, with the ribs snapped like match sticks. Jagged bones had protruding from his body. Blood ran from his mouth as if it was a swift river of flowing blood. Paulus looked like he was not going to make it. His eyes glazed over. His breath was shuddering. The lungs were grey that I could see. His arm was askewn.

The center of his chest cavity was crushed by the wind, he would not make it. If he did not see a hosipital in a hurry. I looked him over, his pulse was thready.

Nataly walked back to the car, opened the trunk, dragged out the rope that was a heavy rope. She tied the rope to its bumper, than unraveled the rope that had been coiled like a snake being charmed by the pipe.  The rope certainty was long enough to go inside the house and maybe even reached the door, that they had opened to try and see what was going on in there.

"Are you crazy!" I asked

She asked,"Do you know, what you have done?"

"i have no idea." I answered, "What did I do?"

"You opened  the door to the world Cthulhu. He may come out of there. If he does the world is not going to be ready for him, to be here?" Nataly warned.

"So, what are you suggesting?"

"We have to close that portal."

"How do you suppose, we are going to do that?"

I looked forlorn at the hallway that we would have to close the door, I had opened?

She removed her clothing, got naked and then motioned for me to do this as well.  

'What was she thinking, if she is proposing that we return there naked into the house. You are nuts.' I declared.

"Look we stay as small as we can, crawl along the floor to the room. If we try and be as small as we can be. " I watched her as she eased open the door on her belly, crawling across the floor.  The wind whipped and howled in our ears. It was not as strong as it should have been if we stood upright and walked there.

The End

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