pluck me off like an errant feather.Mature

The door was strong, like still was closed.  I felt the force of the air pull through the cracks in the  door. That tried to pull us through them. It was as though we were being crushed in a sieve. The door had to open. We felt sweat run down our backs. Our nerves were pushed to the limit.  Our skin had grown white.

We had to fight to open it as though was held to this door tight by being welded together. It inched open.  Centimeter by centimeter it moved. Portions of it flew from it as it was opened.  The wind howled.  It tore through me, and the others like a dagger through silk. Hammered us like it was a heavy weight contender on a speed bag.We were buffeted by the force of the wind, it was strong enough to make us confused and dizzy as the air barely got into our lungs.

We pulled upon the door, struggled as though our very lives depended upon it being open. Our  muscles felt as though they had been lain under the hammer of the gods that battered and crushed beneath their mortar and prestle. Our nerves sang a song of pain that held us before heaven and hell. Sweat ran and poured from our skin. I was afraid.

We could barely move. 

I tried to grasp the door as it surged outward to pluck me like an errant feather from the ground.  I was pulled off of my feet like a toy in the hands of a toddler. I flew like an arrow towards the room where I had been, bounced off of the walls in order to get there, and  collided with the book shelves that adorned it.

The wind was like a whip as it struck me, welts of blood rose from my flesh.  My blood was running and was streaming from me like I was geyser. The wind tore away at my exposed flesh, blood rose to the surface like plankton on a swamp's water. It rose steadily and quickly as I was able to draw a breathe to breath. I felt exhausted.  My lungs struggled and fought to get enough air into them to keep me alive.

Nataly was driven from her feet to her knees, like she was reaching to draw up a bucket of water.  The force of the wind pressed her skin so tight that her blood flowed to the surface as if she had been a grape in a wine press. She was thrown about as if she weighed nothing.  Not even the weight of air was far more than she was. Blood spewed from her skin, droplets rained from out of her to sail into the middle of the room as it billowed out of the wounds.  She was driven into the walls of the hallway and towards the room, where I flew.

Al had been hurled into the nearest shelve of books as they stood there, He collided with them like a hang glider in a cyclone. The book shelf burst and the books rained down on him like the flood waters of a dam being burst by bombers. It drove his senses into the world of the oblivion. It crushed his shoulder and ribs; he was unable to breath, from the force of the blow that carried him here. Blood poured from his pores, and cuticles, it was as though someone had removed his finger nails. Blood gushed and poured from him.  He reached out to grab the shelving unit that was there.

Wood showered the room; it was going clockwise towards the center of the room, with the speed of a metal drill bite going through stone. Al's fingers clutched the shelve as though his life depended upon it. Perhaps it did.

Nataly flew like a hawk, with no control of her path or flight pattern. She just flew, banging off of things that were in her flight pattern. She flew as if she had been hammered by flak. She grabbed onto Al's wrist. The wind was pulling her into the mouth of the vortex. Her hands were slippery thanks to the coating of blood that oozed onto her flesh. Banging off the walls and shelves like a billiard ball  being shot by a ape. 

Her nails dug into Al's flesh like it was a fence post and her nails were like nails from a nail gun.  Blood rose from the deep gashes she put into him, her nails sank into the material beneath my skin. She held onto me, the grasp was so tight that I was bleeding from the freshly made wounds in my flesh.

 I did not know as to what was happening here, but I was still alive, by the gods I would make it out of here alive. I swore an oath to Debra my mother, that I would. Save my family. From whatever they faced.

The End

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