Paulus grabbed my dorment form carried me inside the chamber that once was the backyard. In the enclosure was a pentagram drawn into the floor, covered in a white and red stained center to these lines, there were skulls at where the lines of the penatgram intersected it. Above was the sky.

"We have to get inside. “Nataly stated as she walked gingerly across the floor of the pentagram being careful not to disrupt the material that made the lines of the pentacle.

"I know that.  It is a plain as day we have to get inside. “I replied as soon as I regained consciousness, I looked up and saw a room with a large stage on it. I was here, wherever here was I did not know. I looked about trying it sees anything I recognized. There were scones on the walls of this room;  the walls were made of stone work, ivy filled in the places were the mortar was placed between the stone work, it was  a good twenty feet in height.  Fifty square feet  was the size of this place.  No roof over  head. Just the sky that looked dark and threatening  with storm clouds rolling in. There were walls on all sides of this area. There were two doors, that served as I believed were a entrance ways.

     There was a faint scent of iron and scent of rancid meat in the place, I was feeling nauseau as my stomache rocked rolled forth spewing the contents of it onto my chest and  shoulder.

I remembered, I lay on the ground in here. Above me, I saw a swell of a woman's bosom a few inches away from my face, the blouse was white, it was nearly transpearant thanks to the rain that poured from a fire hose, her bra visible through it.  I looked forward in the direction of my chest and lower anatomy to see above it the long blonde hair, that covered this woman's head.  I could see her eyelashes, that looked to have run and smeared her undersides of her eyes. Her thin paper thin brows, a bit of her red lips and chin.  I recognized the face.  From where I did not know, nor could I recall.

I could remember seeing someone's hand reaching through my shirt to retrieve it. I saw a hand with red covered nails reach in. Pry it loose from my shirt, Feeling pain eclipse the sun and moon, it felt as though they had torn a hole in my chest. The hand sunk past the first knuckle in depth there. I saw vaguely recalled who I was seeing looking there at me, It was the woman. I had just met her name?  Her name?  I had it now, it was Nataly's face as she looked at me, with the look of  greatest concern there.

I opened my mouth to scream no. Nothing came out thanks to roar of the thunder. I coudl not hear anything aside from that. I felt my tear ducts open and pour out my very won rain as it ran down my face.

It was her hand  that had sunk into my bleeding chest cavity.

I recognized the colored nails of that hand, it was on the arm of Nataly. I saw her white blouse, that began at the forearm. How could she do this to me? How? The look on her face was that of sheer absolute despondency and fear. It shook her like dog trying to remove it from a  carcass fear; f e a r. It would not release her like a boa constrictor would its prey.

I saw my hand reach up to try and stop her hand from going there, I touched her wrist, but it was like a dream, my hand passed through her wrist to clutch air. I felt nothing there. It was as though this all was a dream. A dream.  A separate reality.  Where I could do nothing.

I wanted to reach out to grasp her bicept, but found my arm was unable to move from where it lay. I looked in its general direction to see Paulus standing on it s wrist. His foot did not press hard enough for me to feel it therebut it had touched it there. He looked into my face as she drew out the meddalion from my chest; I looked down and saw the sternum and ribs that were beneath it and my flesh What had someone done to remove it from there?

Paulus looked at me and said over the thunder,"We are inside."

I barely heard his words it was as though he whispered them to me. But from the look on his face, he was screaming. I raised my hand to touch Nataly’s face. There was a strong wind a blowing there, it hammered my hand as if it was a nail and it was a nail driver. My skin felt as though I had dropped a huge weight upon it, by having done this.

I looked at her, worried about where we were and mouthed, “Where are we?"

"In the back of the house, is where we are?" Nataly declared as she looked at me. with an air of contempt; both in her inflection of  her choice of words and the look in her eyes

"How!" “I asked, not really understanding any of this, how could this be here.. All I did was walk in there draw up an envelope with my name on it, and took a book from the shelves.  I shook my head as I tried to realize this.  None of this made any sense, father did not  possibly have this. Here.  what was this?

    "The back door" Paulus replied to me

"Where were you when you found the book?" Nataly ask as if our lives hung in the balance perhaps it did. I did not know for sure the answer to that. Nor did I wish too. I was afraid of what I had seen or thought I had seen, before this. I knew nothing of this matter.

"First door on your left, when you come into the corridor." I supplied I whispered back, the words barely resonating from my mouth, I was afraid of what I would find.

"It’s going to hell on earth to get there. You realize this do you not?"  Paulus declared. He got as close to ground as he would to make love to a woman, nothing rose off of the floor as the wind ripped through the air and tore through the chamber. It felt as though I would be driven onto the wall like a insect on fly paper.

We followed suit. The wind was like a gantlet worn by a giant. It touched every thing that was there. We struggled and fought as though death awaited us on not doing this. Blood ran from our skin as we inched further into fusilide of wind. It tore and scrapped us as though we were a dirty frying pain and it was steel wool.

We had made it to the door, we wept for joy. Moved the door a centimeter an hour through the gale like winds.  Fighting ever so desperately to move it, inside it was as if we had unleashed a hurricane that roared


The End

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