Was it not?Mature

"It is far worse, than I expected!"

  "How much time really passed; Peter? “Nataly suggested as she looked at me, she did not believe me. 

The medallion still lay about my neck. There was what looked to be beginning to become part of my flesh. Blood oozed from the place where it rested on me, it felt searingly hot, sweat rolled down my brow to splash and rupture in its wake."I do not know, I did not look at my watch; why?"

"The longer, it is open, the stronger it gets." Paulus stated as he looked at the house, whose door was open, "we will have to close the door. In hurry?"

"How?" I complained, I did not know as to how I was supposed to do this, or rather we will. The door was like a balloon, inverted it is gaining mass. I did not know as to what we are supposed to do to achieve that or how.

"I do not know? However I know we will have to do this!" Nataly warned, as she walked back to the car, to tie her blouse together. 

I could not be able to do anything about the loss of my shirt or jacket. I asked, “Do you have a tow chain?"

"Yes, why?" Paulus asked as he looked at me, as if I had lost my mind, what was I talking about, a tow chain it made no sense, how would that close the door. He closed his hand, so tight his nails became blue without blood in them.

"I have an idea!"

"You have an idea." as if I had lost my mind, Nataly looked at me incredulously, pointed her pointy finger at me actually drove it into my chest. It hurt, a bead of blood filled the underside of her nail, to fill so it over flood its sides and spill over its sides.


We watched everything that was near the door, being sucked in like a boat in a vortex, nothing was safe from this. I struggled as I walked towards the door, holding the hook of the tow chain out first. It whipped and almost plucked me off of my feet; I tumbled to the ground and crawled towards the open door. Stones and branches flew past me, like a bullet. I made it the open door, dragged myself up from the ground to lumber up the stairs.

Paulus looked at me, as if I still had lost my mind, maybe I had. Even I doubted this idea of mine, one end of the chain was connected to the bumper of the car, and the other was in my hand. I reached up to grab the handle. Missed it with the hook, my hand banged off of the door's wooden surface, my fingers touched the metal on the door.

   Red flames erupted on the symbol to expose the metals form. I cursed, I felt myself growing stronger, I heard a voice roar over the sound of this vortex, "Come on Peter, Come! On! Peter, you can do it! You can!"

 I swung the chain again, connected with the handle. I feel off of my feet to fall upon the ground. Paulus looked at me; he smiled grimily and gunned the engine. The car leapt forward, dragging the door closed. The car lost its bumper, the bolts leapt from it like a heluim balloon would when filled to its absolute maxuim, as the door was closed; it even threatened to roll over on its roof it it did not do this, we were fortunate. It shuddered and shook as the car went across the line that was directly in front of the door. Bushes were uprooted and pulled towards it.

Nataly looked at me, as if I had done something terribly wrong, when all I did was remove an envelope with my name on it, and spill fathers ink well, that is all I did. Was it not.


The End

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