It Figures.Mature

    "You think, it might have? It might have!" Nataly snarled, she was sweating blood, she had grown very angry as if she was lion and I poked it with a stick to see what she would do. As though to say, You Should Have Thought Of That Before You went and Did This? You Idiot!

    "You think?" Paulus asked me as if he had no doubt in his mind, that this had happened. It must have happened, he decided, however he did not know of what the consequence would be from our blood mixing and what with it being anything like that.

    "I looked at them,' I did not know what to say, how would I know, how was able to know this. I was wracked with anguish tears burst and flowed down my cheeks. I sobbed. "How was to know, how?'

"We have get inside the house, is there another way in?" Nataly held my arm to look at me; she put my head on her breasts and brushed the hair out of my eyes, asked. She had to get there, they had too.

"There is another door at the back of the house. Why?" I squeaked the answer it was barely audible, as I looked at them to see Paulus roll up his sleeves and began to walk towards the back of the house.

"What is wrong? Paul?" Nataly asked as she began to walk towards there as well. She looked nervous as though on a sever high from a narcotic and having just seen the boys in blue walk towards her.

"I do not know, I do not rightly know!" his swallowed a silent curse, I fallowed after them. The sides of the house were covered in huge brush and brambles that threatened to hold anyone who went there in its prison of wood and thorns. There was  door, there that was hid beneath an over growth of ivy, that one would not realize was there.  Unless they saw it in the winter months.

We fought as though our lives depended on it.  We walked towards the back, our bodies were covered in cuts and scrapes, but we made it there. The backward was covered in masonry; we walked towards where I knew was the door.

We smiled, Paulus approached the door, it was black, made of what appeared to be stone, It looked like was a mother of a weight. I inserted the key. The door billowed outward.  Threw Paulus as though he was a babe in giant’s hands he hit the ground thirty feet from where he was standing on his butt.

"What have you done?" Nataly asked as she ran back to where Paulus had flown.

"I do not know?"

"Can you hand us the book that you took, from there.  Maybe it has the answer to this problem before us." Nataly accused.

I handed Nataly the book hesitantly. She began to porous the book; she shook her head and said, “Paul. We have a problem, with this book of his."

"What can that be, aside from it being in his hands.  Anything else?" he asked.

"Well, you know that book, we found in Ablaze. Well, this is a further writing by him?" Nataly said, blood having drained from her face, she looked as though she had been scared out of her nine lives. She dropped the  book as though it carried with it the black plague.

"No!" Paulus bellowed, he too looked stricken with fear.

" Afraid so."
"Do you know, what your father was doing?" Nataly asked and watched as I shrugged a definitive, Not a clue! "Figures as much?"


The End

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