What was the object that yours and his blood went into?Mature

What was the object that your blood and his went on to?

   "What are you going to do about it?" I declared, as I watched the chain come flying towards the car.  It hit the rear windshield showering the interior with cubes of glass. I was gripping the dashboard as if my life depended upon it, who knows maybe it did? I was not going to ask a stupid question. My nerves were on end.

 I looked at the door as it had slammed shut as I watched I rejoiced that we were safe, until I looked at the others they did not as releived as me. They hurried me into the car and we tear off down the road in search of an answer.

   "We are going to have to try and find an answer to this problem, that is before us, I am afraid, we might have more to worry about than we suspected." Paulus suggested as he took a corner on two wheels. He looked me over as if he had caught me stealing the last cookie from the cookie jar.

She rubbed her hands together as if to get rid of some dirt. Kicked a newspaper that was on the road. "Now, I want you to tell us, exactly what you have done. To have created this little problem." Nataly suggested as soon as we got back to their place.

"I do not know," I responded, and honestly I did not know.

"What do you mean, you do not know?" Paulus snarled, thinking I was not the brightest light bulb in the house. He clutched his cup of coffee smoke was oozing off of the cup, jis concentration was not to be disturbed by anything he needed to know the answer to this problem.

"How could you say anything like this to us?  We are trying to help you stop this problem that is before us from getting any bigger." Nataly demanded an answer.

"I don't know." I was crying, in fear of what they were going to do to me, if I did not tell them, what I did not know, what I was supposed to tell them.

"Did you take anything else from the room?" Nataly asked as she put me down in easy chair, she was growing angrier. She glared at me, if looks could kill I would be dead.

"What are you accusing me of doing?  I did not take anything from the house.  If I did its mine." I retaliated, I knew the answer may have been what they have been looking for.  However I did not know what they were seeking to find.  The heat from the medalion was growing stronger, the blood ran about it show my having worn it.

"What did you take, what did you do? “Paulus inquired, he seemed the more upset by talking to me. He noticed the blood stains on my shirt in the shape of the medalion.

"I found books on the shelves of the place; I pulled one of them off of the shelves." I suggested as soon as I had enough guts to dare to talk to them.

"I see?" Nataly said, she was crying as well, her makeup had created on her face the look of her being a raccoon, instead of hard blooded woman. She was crying.

"Did you get the name of the book?" Paulus asked as he watched Nataly cry further. He touched my shirt, to feel the wet surface of my blood stained shirt.  He pulled the shirt was ripped open to reveal the markings that indicated the medalion.

"I could not make out the name, it was written in another tongue, and that I had not seen before."I supplied,  as I looked warely into his eyes.

"Do you have the book, and the medalion you have?" Nataly asked, worriedly, as she looked at me, trying to see if I was lying, which I was not.  There was no need to, was there.

"Why?" I asked

"What is that, that you are wearing on your chest, and please answer the questions?" Paulus advised, he was growing more determined to gain the answer I was to supply. His eyes hung on the object that was there like a child eying candies which he/she wanted to eat, hungry I expected to see him lick his lips in anticipation of gaining the answer,

"Yes, That is a medalion, which I received from my father!" I said, hesitatingly.

"Where is it?"

"It is on my chest.  It  is not coming off of there."

 NO, I was talking about the door. The book might have the answer to the problem." Nataly asked again, drew my face to look into hers.

Listening to the radio, they heard<"News Flash.  Bleak Street has come into a hurricane type wind storm. This a report we received from the weather department."

That's my street. It is in my car?"  I supplied worriedly.

"Where is your car," Paulus demande, "Let me see the meddalion.

"It was on the street across from here." I answered, "No!"

"Well, let us go and check this book out, anything else you would like to tell us.  That you have not told us, until, now!" nataly suggested

"There was a green statue, with a head like a squid with many more tentacles, body of a human it had legs and feet like a bird, and a forked tail." I supplied

"Your blood did it join your fathers?" Paulus asked, his words came out slowly one word at a time. His eyes hung on me, unwavering.

"I think, it might have?" I suggested.

The End

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