How do you propose we get in thereMature

           "What has  happened here?" Nataly asked as she watched the flames roar inside the house, they were violet in color.  The walls felt cold, paint peeled and the plants looked as though they had been frozen in dry ice. Leafs fell and burst as they came in contact with the ground. Shattering as though they were made of very thin glass, shards radiating out of the surface of them.  whisps of vapor appeared from her mouth. She shivered with the cold she was feeling.

       "Paulus, what are you thinking?" I asked as I tried to figure out what they were doing here.

       "How long has your father here?" Nataly inqruired as she looked me trying to figure out an answer to this matter.  She did not think, that he had been here long ago.

       "Twenty years, at least." I declared, as I looked at her, seeing as she answered the question, that I raised. I could not see any reason for her to ask this question to me.  Thinking, what I could be able to help them with this matter what differeince did it matter how long ago he had happened to be  there.

The house was glowing with a black fire, the flames engulfed the house, and there was white smoke that glowed with a supernatural fire, which came off of the flames.

Nataly told me, “We have been sent here to aid you in this battle!"

I looked at her incredulously, there was no way I could believe a story such as this, but she had moves that would put a professional Dojo worry about fighting with. She was well built, but as a friend of mine put it looks can be deceiving. Hers were?  

Paulus looked like a business man, the only thing he needed as gold plated Rolex. From what he told me, they both could handle themselves in a fight. This I did not doubt.

"Sure, you will help me, if you would explain to me, why you want to how long we owned the house. Of what relatency does this have in this matter." I asked, feeling as though trying to put a circle in a square peg slot, with this question being asked. 

If we were to know, we might know how to defeat it. Whatever it is?" Paulus replied to me, as he looked long and hard at me.  Did I not know this. How in the hell would i know this. I wondered and worried about the answer that I was supposed to do anything with it.  I did not know, when father had started going in there, for this ritual.

 What proof did Nataly and Paulus have to try and convey this to me. Only their words that they told me, to try and convince me, of what they spoke, I did not believe what they were telling me. How could I? Would you? The only thing I knew,was that they were there. So, was the hole in the floor; it was why they were here.

When I had pressed Father as to where his wealth had come from.  He gave me a story that I did not rightly believe, my father bought what he has is an enormous amount of gold and gems. In his exploit of said material, he showed me some of it. I was duly impressed with my inheritance. There was no way I could argue with that.

The house was a four story affair; it looked like it should have been a mansion for the ultra-rich.  However not with those flames spewing out of it.  There was no heat radiating from it though. It was as if the house was at 0 Kelvin, or 450 below. If one was to judge by what the eyes could see of the house.

I walked up to the door; the door felt cold to the touch it handles was white with frost what I believed as white absolute cold.  I pulled my hand off of it.  Tore off a good deal of skin, on it. Blood should have poured from my hand, but the vessels froze. I looked at Paulus. He shrugged and put out for me to relook at again, some fur lined gloves.

"I told you to put these one first. Did I not?" he suggested as he handed me some gloves that I had thought was stupid to wear from the looks of fur lined. Now, I knew he was right. I grudging put them on my hands.  They were skin tight, tighter than wet nylons on my hand. My fingers began to feel the warmth radiate out of them into my hand. They still stung. My nails turned black, from the cold. They felt wet.

"Thanks!" I said, I still did not know much about them, but from what I was able to understand, they did not want to harm me, just protect the world. From what my father had arranged for it to get here.  It did not belong here in this realm of our world.

I touched the handle again and pulled it open. It was as if a huge vacuum was pulling closed. When the door was finally open, the wind had grown incredibly strong than it had been when I left the place.  The wind was like water with its very own undertow.

  I lost my balance, fall to my butt, and was about to go sliding like I was on a slide on a roller coaster. My shoes flew off and vanished into the wind blown current that was trying to consume me whole.

 Nataly had grabbed the neck of my dress shirt, before I began my descent to the ground undenounced to me. Lying on the ground, seeing what she wore beneath the skirt, I was too busy trying to remain where I was not notice, really. It pulled her skirt up to her waist. She was unable to see as the skirt was floor length skirt.  She held onto my collar.  Her jacket had popped its buttons and did her business blouse. She driven heels into the porch's floor, so she did not move a solitary inch. But she had. Having thrown out her arms to stop her flight into the vortex. I banged into the wall.

  Paulus held onto the door frame for dear life, his briefcase was airborne, as where the incidentals that was in his pockets. It pulled loose one sleeve of his jacket and shirt, which was still on his wrist, the cuff on it still was there. One of his shoes also vanished.

"I thought, you said, it was a hole in the floor? “Nataly screamed, as she was finally able to speak as in her lungs had finally gained enough air with which to speak. Her lungs were almost drained of air thanks to the force of this... Whatever you wished to call it. She did not realize, what I had said. She did not know as to what it was that was there.

"It is!" I screamed back. My shirt split down the back to scoot away too. My pants were threatening to go, as well. I lifted one hand up to grab my belt to keep my pants on, that hand's wrist was without any of my clothing attached to it.

"Just, how do you propose we get in there." Paulus screamed trying to be heard over the roar of the wind.


The End

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