The Hole in the floorMature

I have received ownership of my father's estate, and have walked into an area that he called forbidden. No one went there, but him. Now, I was the supreme ruler, I would go there, I received a medallion that he refused to show me, Now, I had it.


The Hole in the Floor


Paulus gripped the wheel of the car with a grip so tight his fingers looked drained of blood, he clinched his teeth as he thought about this matter, how could he get me to understand what he was speaking of. He watched the road as hawk would in search of its prey for its chicks to eat. Nervously he watched the road in fear of what they would face.  The engine was white hot with fuel that sped into the engine. The car tore down the road like an interceptor. Paulus seemed as though the car was a part of him than not.


    Nataly rested her long red talons on his right thigh, her other hand played with the cigarette that dangled from her mouth as a fishline would from a fish when caught by a fisherman. Her eyes were grey that they seemed almost blue. I could see the very veins in her arms as we drove down the road, but she seemed more at ease with the situation as if this was not unusual for her; perhaps it was not but it certainally was for me.


 I rode back to my place. Watching trees flash by like a picket fence, I almost did not recognize them as being trees from the speed we are traveling. I was frightened as the road has a few hair pin turns to it.  I did not even see them, as we made it there. I still swore we were not there, even though I could see my new house. was bathed in sweat from the fear of this trip.



 I could not understand any of this, how could my father have been what they were telling me he was. He was always aware of who was looking at him as he moved about the streets as anyone would be from a city. He seemed to be aloof, without a care in the world aside that someone was pursuing him. Just, who he never would say. On halloween he seemed most often  was especially nervous, I thought that it was because he often would allow strange people in, they would go to where he would not allow anyone of the family to go, and I thought that it was odd.


To say the least, but no one in the family dared to argue with him about it.  What would be the point? It was his way or you were gone.



         I recalled, 'Once Debra his wife, my mother got into an argument,that

        he was seeing them (the them were

       both men and women of every

      pursuation and description) more

     often than he was her, and was his

     wife for  heaven sake '


He called, ‘Her some names I dare not write down.  For it would sully our name and reputation.


Once, when she screamed at him this. Having had enough of her vicious and calculating word to draw blood from the unwounded.


He had enough of her accusations about this matter, most determinedly dragged, propelled  and viciously without a thought of compassion  he opened the door to there, Tossed her into the open door way. Saying,” If you wish to see what I am doing back here.  Come inside. Come inside and you will see. What is there.  If you must know, let me show you! You are not even better than a common harlot, but you wish to k n o w! "


 Debra struck and pommeled him with her feet and arms, her nails sank like a Uboat when ordered ti dive into his exposed flesh.  Blood screamed to the surface like a  geyser of oil from a well.   To shower the floor and them, said,”I do not wish to know!”


Father snarled, “You have asked to see the burden of proof to still your flapping maw. I will show you!|

  Violently he flung her there, she toppled from her feet like a building

Beneath an earthquake. 


 He carried her inside the room. There was not a sound to emerge from there, not even a hint of what was happening in there.


That was the last I saw of her for a period of  three days later. He returned as if he had not left us, but an instance ago. There was chilling smile that though was something he should not do he had done.


His clothing was blood splattered and stained as was his face and forarms, it was as though he bathed in a bath of blood.


She looked horrified, she never raised her voice to him again, or question what was to go on in there.


If she thought to he would look at the door this area, she recoiled in abject terror, just from his looking there her fair complexion was chalk white. The robust cheeks were now plain, it was as if she had been away from the sun for days on end, her eyes were fixed unable to she has drifted in and out of consciousness the stream of consciousness was something; she no longer recognized


.  She seemed petrified; she clung to his wrist as though he would let her go, there  if she did not do this.  . She would not have that. Her grip was so tight that it was white where her hand rested on his arm. Her nails drew blood like spikes into a mountain wall. He did not even seem to notice them do this it was as if she was a gnat biting into the hide of a rhino. His blood ran in rivers and streams from these wounds, she inflicted on him.


If  he looked at that door, she trembled with fear. Her skin grew white as though she was stricken with palsy. Her hands trembled with fear and now was mute,


She seemed revolted by going anywhere near father after  he did this.  She raced away from him as if he was a highest of the high devil’s and she was a peon of the church.    


Afterwhich when father brought her into their bed chamber after  doing this to her.  She struggled and fought as though her life depended upon not going there; perhaps it did.  I heard her screams of mortal and anguish and fear as he closed the door. Manacle laughter filled the air.


  What proof did Nataly and Paulus have to try and convey this to me. Only their words that they told me, to try and convince me, of what they spoke, I did not believe what they were telling me. How could I?

When I had pressed Father as to where his wealth had come from.  He gave me a story that I did not rightly believe, my father bought what he has is an enormous amount of gold and gems. In his exploit of said material, he showed me some of it. I was duly impressed with my inheritance. There was no way I could argue with that.

"What can you tell us about it. " Paulus asked, as he looked about the area. He was afraid of what he was seeing.

"There's a hole in the floor." I answered, "In a chamber behind a door, which was usually locked, since he is no longer there I went in there, and found it there instead of a floor!"

 Nataly looked at me, she brushed the hair out of her blue eyes.


The End

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