The White Willow

This is about vampires. Not teen vampires but adult vampires. Well, there 21, but they go for adutls.....


Chapter 1

Watching my pray squirm wasn't a problem. Watching my victims scream wasn't a problem. The smell of there decaying bodies never bothered me. No, what bothers me is the after taste of them, that is a real killer. The smell is a real buzz downer after you drank a few bodies empty and feel all hyped from there energy you stole to wanting to spit out all the blood because it tastes like you drank acid. This is the price that you have to pay when you become undead, the pricing of being immortal, the price of living in the night light. I don't care, because every tear that drops to the floor, every scream that pierces from there mouths, and every scratch I get it worth being immortal.


“Why are you so picky?” Jramy asks me as we drive around the city looking for something to eat.

I take a left turn down an alley and smile at him, “Because I don't want to eat just any old human. No, they need to be fun to torture or at least fight back. Now shut up and look for something you want to eat.”

“Fine. I want the girl waiting on the bench.”
Stopping the car I take to look at the girl. The girl is a read head, his favorite, skinny body and glasses. It hits me, she's just a baby.

“Jramy, she's like 14.”
“Ya,” he smirks, “so?”

“Fine, whatever.” I roll my eyes and set the car in gear and drive about a block over so he can go in for the kill.

“Make it quick.”


I roll my eyes as I watch him walk away, he's inner demon is showing I snicker to myself when I see him confront the girl. Looking away, I listen to the radio, drowning out the screams of the girl from the woods. Hopefully he at least he buries the body, all we need is some stupid human to find out it was a human that killed her. Waiting, waiting, and still waiting I figure to turn off the car and save gas, because I have no magic dollars to fill up my car.

Almost to the point of leaving him, I see him approaching my car smiling.

“So, how did it go?”

“Fine,” he smirks as we drive off to look for my food, “she kept on fighting me, but whatever...i won.”

“Obviously, if you hadn't I would never call you a vampire again.”

“Shut up Noel and look for you food.” Jramy glowers as he wipes the blood off his face.

An hour passes before I see her. I know she is the next victim, because she acts normal like everyone else, but I get a whiff of revenge linking out of her pours. The smell is so demanding that I struggle not killing her right there in front of everyone else.

Stopping the car, I look at Jramy, “I found the girl, can you get home alone?”

“Yes I can. Who is she?”
Taking his head, I turn it to the direction the woman is in. She has on a red, tight dress, black high heels, red lipstick, black eye liner, and she has curly hair. Just my type, dangerous and spicy.

“Nice,” Jramy smiles, “we could share?”

“Nope, you had your dinner.”

“Please, she was more of an...appetizer.”

“Nope, go.”

With a blink he was gone and I waited for her to be alone before I drive up to her.

Rolling down my window I stop her, “ Hi, um I need directions to a near by gas station.”

She stopped and smiled, “Really, are that what the kids are calling it?”
“Well, you figured me out.”

“Ya,” she smiled getting into my black car, “i charge $120 for a night.”


I nodded driving into the woods.


The End

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