Tulip: lostMature

      I gasped in a breath as a cold like water struck me. I was lying on something hard; I forced my eyes open and pushed myself up. The ground was flat and smooth, like a cut diamond, ominous white lines wound through it, like worms. Glancing up I saw that I was surrounded by mist, grey and thick, I could hardly see further than a few feet in any direction. I stood shakily, glancing down at where I had been stabbed, there was no blood or pain, and instead I was bare chested with the dark red lower robes I had worn on my freedom day.

“Hello” I called meekly

“Hello” a quizzical voice called back “Tulip is that you?”

“Daemon is that you, where are you”

“Stay where you are; keep talking I’ll find you”

“Ok” I called less cared now

“Tell me what happened, you panicked and when I tried to emerge I couldn’t”

“It was the Emperor he stabbed me. Oh no, Lucas!”


“He’s with the emperor”

“Calm down Tulip, you’re getting louder I’m almost there” I turned around, as I heard the faint pattering of feet. I gasped as a boy of about seventeen, came running out of the mist, dressed in the same red robe as me, his long white hair trailing behind him. He came to a halt before me, breathing heavily, his muscled chest rising and falling heavily.

“You’re... me”

“Yes, we share a body, I haven’t one of my own, but what did you say about Lucas”

“He’s still out there, I have to help him, how do I get out of here!” I indicated the mist around us.

“I don’t know, normally your mind isn’t like this, normally I see what you see.”

“Tulip, wake up we’re here” both me and my double snapped our heads to our rights, as I felt a sharp pain of a slap. “If you don’t wake the fuck up, I’ll hurt him. Isn’t that right Lucas” There was a shriek of pain muffled just as the voice was.

“Please! Don’t hurt him! I’ll do what you want!”

“Tulip calm down, I’ll know what to do”

“What tell m...” I was stopped mid sentence as lips clamped to mine, I responded to the kiss, not knowing why, he pulled away, eyebrows furrowed, as I stood there swaying slightly.

“Thought that’d work oh well, this will” A fist collided with my face.

The End

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