Tulip: Blood lustMature

I turned away from Lucas and his men, I walked towards the raiders, their leader on the horse ceased his from his fervent berates of his men, when their eyes turned from him towards me. He turned in the saddle, eyeing me up; contempt crossed his face when I stopped wrenching the tantos from the bodies of the two men I had killed earlier. I wiped them on the sleeves of one of the bodies before sliding them into their sheaves.

        As I straightened, a breath shuddered from me, I felt clammy scared even. I raised my arm, my fist closed. I summoned my strength and called.

“I, Tulip Konos Ves, the bondless of Oker issue a challenge! Face me if you dare!” Mummers rippled through the mob a few metres ahead of me, the rider straightened in the saddle, turning the mount to face me. The man lifted his gleaming head chin slightly raised.

“I, Kur Beluse vas Beluse, accept your challenge bondless.” At this he kicked his heels in and trotted forward away from his line before dismounting. My eyes widened as he drew a Zweihander from his saddle, the massive sword must have been almost sixty inches in length. I unbuckled the scabbard which held my tachi, which was also an imposingly long weapon but was for fighting from horseback. I lay the weapon down, untying my sword sash as well as removing the tantos from their small scabbards. I stepped forward from my kit brandishing the knives, both under hand.

“I need you a whispered” thinking of Lucas

Kur held his sword above his head in the ready position smiling. “Go with honour” he said before rushing me, I rushed forward in response. He swept the sword low at my upper legs, hoping to incapacitate me in one blow; I don’t know what came over me, but as the sword approached my legs, my knees buckled, I went into a slide throwing my body backwards. Time seemed to slow as I passed under the sword, my eyes met Kur’s widening ones. I rose from the slide, still on the move, my first tanto strike slashed through the robes around Kur’s neck, bouncing off metal. This didn’t stop me though, and I swung myself onto his burly back using the arm I had struck at him with. Once on his back I buried my second tanto into the crook of his neck. I closed my eyes as blood spurted into my face, but I held on as Kur went down on his knees thrashing.

I stood my face, head and chest soaked in blood, I brandished myself to the raiders. Their eyes were wide in fear, and they backed away.

“I, Tulip Konos Ves, the bondless, declare my victory over Kur Beluse vas Beluse! Now go home and tell others of what you saw here today!” At this the raiders turned on their heels and ran. I smiled to myself and turned to Lucas and his men down the road and headed back towards them.

Once I arrived back at the line I was bemused by the looks of horror on the faces of my comrades. “What? What is it?” Lucas rushed forward from the line and clasped my arm, leaning in and whispering into my ear.

“We’re at war”

The End

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