Tulip: still my master (beware sex scene)Mature

Lucas sat beside me on the bed, and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me in to his chest. He began to plant kisses along my forehead and made his way to my lips. He pushed me onto the bed, crawling astride me. I was still in the same clothes I had worn at the ceremony, and Lucas pulled my boots and robes off, leaving me bare on his fur bed cover. I blushed as he smiled slyly, eyeing me up.

“So beautiful” He said as he crawled on top of me, planting soft kisses along my chest as he reached my lips, I pushed me tongue into his mouth and we kissed furiously on the bed. I gasped as he pushed a finger inside me. I groaned as he pushed another two inside me, and began to work them, brushing my prostrate.

“M...master” I cried as he pushed himself into me, “Fuck me” I cried as he began to thrust gently. He paused a moment and I looked at him, he was frowning. I sat up on my arms looking at him. He smirked and twirled me round onto my front, I tried to remain on all fours like a dog, but he knocked my arms out from under me. I moaned like an animal as he thrust deep inside me.

“I’m still your master am I,” I nodded, and he pulled me up for a kiss still gently thrusting, “I love you” He said before kissing me, I returned the kiss but moaned halfway through as he thrust a little harder. He pulled out suddenly and walked off; I lay there confused for a moment. He was back in an instant, gripping my hands and tying my wrists together.

“What’re you doing?”

“Having some fun” He kissed me again, before flipping me back to face him. he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and my tied hands over his neck. While holding me he fucked me, for the umpteenth time he left me a drooling, twitching wreck, I was exhausted and totally happy all the stresses of the day had vanished from my mind, and now I was left in a bed I knew, with the man I loved wrapped around me, I had no trouble going to sleep.

The End

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