Tulip: Love or something elseMature

I awoke to bird song and faint snoring. I panicked slightly as I felt arms around me. I pushed myself away from the body I was pressed up against. I stood up, wrapping a rug around me. The memories of last night flooding back to me, I looked down at my body, inside the rug, my hips were bruised, I arched my back and looked at my rear, my bottom was slightly pink. I could feel a dull pain radiating from my bottom. I jumped at a groan; I looked over to my master. He rolled over facing away from me and snorted in his sleep.

“Good morning Tulip, I enjoyed that” I jumped at the voice, I thought to myself ‘I’m not scared of you anymore, master will protect me’

“You needn’t fear me; I merely wanted Lucas to act. You see Tulip, you and I are now one and the same, I just wanted to make Lucas act and display his true feelings for you, us.”

‘I don’t understand, you took my sight’

No tulip, I merely hid it from you, your eyes were fine, I kept watching to keep you safe, I kept you safe from the fire”

‘Okay say I trust you, who or what are you,?’

“Tulip, I’m whatever I am, I don’t know, I have no memories before you found me in the cave, just that my darker self was there to guard me, until one such as you arrived. Don’t worry I will sleep on what we have discussed if you need me just call for me.” I jumped as Lucas groaned again.

“Tulip where are you?” He sat up and looked around.

“Here master” I beamed all thought of the voice vanishing from my mind as if it had been pulled away by an invisible hand.

“Well stop being there and come over here” Lucas commanded, I obeyed and walked over to him, ignoring the cold of the morning. “You see that saddle bag over there; bring me some cheese and bread from it.” I nodded and fetched the food, handing it to him; he broke the bread and cheese in half and gave some to me. We ate silently and drank form a water skin he’d brought with him.

“Master. why did you fuck me last night?”I asked, at this Lucas stopped eating and glared at me.

“You must never tell a soul of what we did.” I looked down, “I did it because I wanted you and I could have you.” I felt deflated by this, so I was just a sex toy for him.

“So I was just an available fuck. Is that it?” I don’t know what had come over me, I was yelling at my master, he could have me killed for less.

“No tulip, it’s not that. I still want you. I want you to be mine.” I froze mid rant at this and stared at him. “the reason I invited you and Jessica to dine with me was to see if you and her were together, evidently you weren’t”

“But master, its forbidden by the teachings for a man and a man to be together, if anyone found out you’d lose everything, and we’d be executed”

“Tulip I would give up everything I had to be with you, luckily I don’t have to.” He smiled at this and continued to eat, I sat in silence, ‘what now I thought to myself.’

The End

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