Lucas: (warning sex scene) fire and sweatMature

I was standing in my study, staring solemnly at the fire. It had been a week since that faithful night and Tulip hadn’t left my side. He even now sat in my desk chair, he had tied his dress collar around his eyes, as a sign of his blindness and he sat quietly.

“Tulip, I have a solution.” He looked towards me at his, hope on his face. “It will be dangerous but I think I can cure you.”

“Master, I trust you”

“Good because you don’t have a choice, I need you to be able to see.” I turned away from him. I wasn’t going to enjoy this.

That same night, I rode out of the gate, tulip sitting behind me on the horse, his arms wrapped around my waist as I cantered down the road towards the place I had prepared earlier. After around an hour of silent riding, I led Tulip into the torch lit shrine in the woods, I bolted the large doors behind me. A had drawn a spiral into the floor with charcoal and I had placed the saddle bags to the side of the circular stone hall. There were no windows only a small grate on the roof to let out the smoke form the torches.

I knelt Tulip down in the dead centre of the hall, the spiral radiating from him.

“Tulip, I’m sorry for what I am about to do.” He looked towards me a smile on his face

“Master, I trust you” He repeated, I clenched my teeth and gently undressed him; he remained kneeling, shaking in the cold. He gasped when I doused the oil over his head. “Master, this isn’t water”

“No” I grabbed a torch from the wall and hurled it towards him, turning away. I ignored his screams as he burnt. He would feel it all, but it had to be done. The screams didn’t stop for what felt like hours, but what must have been only have been a few seconds. I turned back towards Tulip, where he lay panting, in a heap, completely unharmed by the fire. He pushed himself up on his arm and looked around. I hurried over to him and knelt looking into his eyes.

“Master, I can see” He beamed. “Thank you, how can I ever repay you?”

“Like this” I leant forward and gently kissed his lips. He froze, before giving in to my kiss. I felt his tongue timidly respond to mine, it didn’t leave his mouth but, what could you expect form a virgin? I pulled him into my lap and continued to kiss him. I felt him shudder as I ran my finger down his spine; I pulled away from his mouth, kissing down his neck.

I gently pushed him off me, smirking at his erection. He blushed at this and covered himself timidly. I stripped off and pilled our clothes into a makeshift bed along with some rugs from the saddle bags.

I picked him up again, like a husband carries his bride, and kissed him again. I lay him down gently on the makeshift bed, and kissed him again. While continuing to kiss him, as I slipped a finger into him, he gasped as I met his prostrate, and kissed me harder. Gently pushing him off me I sat back, I placed my fingers in my mouth and sucked them, before slipping them into him, until there were three inside him, and he moaned loudly, gently riving. When I pushed into him, he moaned again. Starting off slowly and gently I built up to steady thrusts, which sent visible shivers up his body leaving him a moaning wreck.

“Faster master” He managed to say through the moans, I arched my eyebrows and pulled him up into a kiss, still gently thrusting. I twirled him around so he was on all fours, and pushed back into him, this time I pushed as deeply as I could, he moaned like an animal, and almost collapsed. He released himself, twitching. He slumped onto the rugs, saliva dripping from his mouth. I remained inside him, I didn’t move, and he glanced up at me.

“I’m not done yet” He stared at me wide eyed as I pulled him back onto all fours by the shoulder. I grasped his hair and pulled his head back as I thrust deep into him, again and again. He began to moan again, and released himself another two times before there was nothing left to release and then he still went through the orgasms a further two times.  Eventually I felt myself reaching climax, I sped up, gripping his waist tighter and pulling him in time with my thrusts. I moaned loudly when I finally climaxed, falling heavily on top of him. I was breathing heavily, but I could feel his heart eating through my chest, it was beating so fast, I was surprised he hadn’t had a heart attack. He was panting like a dog that’d been run until it dropped and then some. I summoned the strength to wrap a rug around us, and felt him snuggle up to my chest. I heard a faint whisper.

“Master” I smiled to myself and went to sleep.

The End

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