A Lord of the Rings fanfic. Based on the Return of the King, the war from an ordinary town-girl's view. My first fanfic so feedback would be nice! :)

Our city was not always so fragile. The white tower had weathered all of the ages, until the line of the Kings wavered. The tree withered to nothing, along with our kings and lesser men took stewardship as our people lost their honour. I was born in the Third Age of our land. I lived in the city of the White Towers, the Capital of our lands, once a beacon on hope, now a shadow of its former glory. We fought to keep the darkness out of our lands, the blood of our people as much a part of the earth as the rains. We were a people used to war. Or so we thought. 

I was in my twenty-fourth year when the rumours grew. A shadow welling up in the East. A nameless fear. The Dark Towers stirred and our people readied themselves. Our Steward, sat on his stolen throne and did nothing. No defences called, the army left sleeping and all the while, the darkness built around our white city like the oncoming tidal wave. 

More rumours reached our ears. The Horse Lords, our allies, ruled by a king fallen to madness, were scattered. The true King, hiding in the bushland. The Elven people, fleeing our land as the darkness grew. Rumours of dark shadows riding the forest roads and the worst of all; the Ring. One tiny, gold band, that could be the ruin of us all, should the darkness claim it. The Ring that was thought to be lost to history and myth, now found. Some said that it was in the hands of a halfling, bound to destruction. Others said that the darkness had already reclaimed what was owed to it and that its wrath would be inflicted on us all. 

The rumours grew and we sat, awaiting orders in our white city, awaiting a Steward who idled on his throne. My husband, young like me, a Guardian of the Citadel, held his sword close, as I held our child.

"I will protect you." We whispered to the night, to our family and to ourselves. 

We did not know what was to come. 

The End

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