The White Lady Of Upton Court .7

                                              Nick closed the dining room door, he patted his back pocket, feeling for his LED torch, then checked the battery light on his digital camera, finally, he pulled his PKE metre from his pocket and flicked it on, then hung it round his neck,

“Not quite a crucifix” but the joke didn’t cheer his mood very much.  Nick was beyond scared now, he couldn’t feel anything except the giving in his knees, he wanted to be sitting in the dining room, watching the monitors with Gareth, but then, this is what he had wanted from the job, the chance to be onto something really big, make a name for himself, and Gareth of course.  Nick raised the camera to his face and once again saw the house through a filtered green light.

“Just so you know” Gareth’s voice came, “all the temp readers are in the green and the cams are clear”

“Cos that makes everything fine” Nick replied sarcastically “We haven’t actually lost two hours, recorded a ghostly figure touching me up and appear in the kitchen with you, might as well just pack up and go home”

“Ok, OK, I just thought you’d wanna know”

Nick sighed hard, stopping just in front of the drawing room, he let his camera hand go limp by his side and then clicked the radio button,

“I’m sorry, mate, I think this place is actually starting to get to me, you were right let’s get back to orbs and ghostly men with sausages, what do you say?”

“Sounds good to me”

Nick smiled as he raised his camera hand again to continue walking, as he did so, he noticed a flash of something in the open drawing room doorway, he looked to the entrance and saw nothing, then he turned the camera on the door and again, saw nothing, quickly, he rewound the footage, then nearly dropped the camera in shock as he saw a man in very old, fine clothes reach up from the floor with blood soaked hands.  His hair was grey, matted and wild, his face pale, but nothing compare to his bright white eyes, he appeared to be dragging himself across the carpet, leaving a bloody mess behind him and reaching out for Nick with both hands, inches away from him.

                              Nick wanted to run, every bone in his body was telling him to do so.  He wanted to show Gareth the film, he rewound it to look again,

“Gareth, you’re not going to believe what I’ve got”

“Oh god, what?”

Nick hit play again, but saw nothing,

“Oh what the fu...”

“What’s wrong?”

“There’s nothing there, I swear I had something, a man, an old man, dragging, himself across the floor of the drawing room”

“And you’re still standing there?”


“OK, OK, just gimme a sec, I need to checking a file.....OK, according to the house history, yeah that’s what I thought”


“Oh sorry, the only recorded murder on this site, asked Hedges to dig stuff like this up, anyway, only recorded murder was the houses last lord, he was reported found sliced nearly in half in......the drawing room....”

“Nice...what about this white lady then, who the hell is she?”

“Only person I can find who might fit the bill is a girl whose name might have been Muriel or Mary, she was married to the game keeper who was hung for the murder of the lord, has no account of what happened to the girl”

“Typical, who cares about some nutter keeper’s wife, huh”

“Oh come on, we’ve heard and read stories like this on most of the sites we’ve been too, I thought we agreed it didn’t really matter?”

“That’s because nothing ever happened” Nick finally caught his breath, then continued towards the stairs still shaking, his heart pounding harder and harder in his chest.

                                                       Nick climbed the stairs for what felt like the hundredth time that night, he reached the landing, then stopped, he was looking out of the full glass front of the new greeting hall, towards the woods beside the house, something was in there, a small light, glowing eerily in the dark.  As Nick watched, he saw the light bobbing up and down, like the beam of a torch, being held by someone running, or perhaps a lamp.  Nicks eyes grew wider as he realised what he was looking at, he raised the camera and zoomed in on the edge of the woods, waiting for the light to breach the trees.

                                                        The view looked ghostly through the night vision effect, the street lights lining the road in the distance glowed ominously, a haze of bright light could be seen on the horizon, indicating Slough town centre.  Nick waited and waited, he could feel sweat dripping down his face behind the camera, the light grew closer and closer, its movements more erratic as it neared, as if the person carrying the lamp had increased their paced dramatically.

“Gareth, read me the legend one more time, the bit from the tourist books”

“The white lady appears crossing the woods from Upton Park and across to the house main door, she is meant to be a girl around 18...”

“Yeah, yeah, thanks” he clipped the radio back onto his belt.

                                        Nick looked back towards the woods, but could not find the light again, he tried panning in and out, but had already reached max distance with the zoom.  The light suddenly breached the woods, he could see the lamp clearly, then the arm that carried it, finally, a young woman, dressed completely in white emerged from the woods, running for her life towards the door.  Nick watched as her dress billowed out behind her, her wild, long dark hair flapping around her face and she ran for the door, then she stopped, still holding the lamp out in front of her, the white lady turned her head upwards, through the house, right at Nick.

                                       Nick wanted to step out of view but had nowhere to go, and he was finding it impossible to stop watching her, she glowed as ghostly greenie white, he features were kind, yet contorted, her thin face looked as though it had never known a smile or laughter, her eyes were a dead white, yet sad and running from the top of her forehead to half way down her nose, was a deep, bloody gash.  Nick watched her, his mouth open, the camera HUD indicated it was recording and the battery was still half full.

“Gareth, it’s her”

“Where is she?”

“Outside, she’s looking at me” he could hear his voice tremble, the picture through the camera was shaking in time with his hands,

“Are you recording?”

“Yes, although apparently that doesn’t mean anything”

Suddenly she raised her free hand and pointed at Nick, he watched her for a moment until he realised she wasn’t pointing at him she was pointing behind him.  Nick turned just in time to feel the swish of something moving through the air towards him, for a split second he felt sure he had seen the upper torso of a man.  He ducked instinctively then finished turning to see who was there, and what they had swung, but the landing was empty, he looked down to the grounds again, searching for the white lady, but she too was gone,

“There’s someone else here” Nick told Gareth


“TO be fair I really don’t know, but I think it’s the husband”

“Oh my god” Gareth sounded terrified,

“I know, but we have to keep going”

“NO NICK, HE’S HERE!” Gareth screamed in fear, it took Nick a second to realise what he had meant, then letting go of the camera, not caring if it fell or not, he jumped the stairs again and raced back to the kitchen screaming,


Nick smashed the kitchen door open, expecting to find a cowering Gareth under the desk again, but the kitchen was empty.  Nick walked across to the desk and looked down, the laptop was open and still running, Gareth’s bags of equipment was still sitting next to it, the audio recorder still taping, but no sign of Gareth, just the chair he had been sitting in, and three, tiny drops of blood on the seat.

The End

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