The White Lady Of Upton Court .5


                                                         Nick walked cautiously to the staircase, nervously fingering the radio in his hand,

“What do you mean, it’s moving?”

“I mean it started by the window, and now it’s halfway across the room” Gareth replied

“How big is the spot?”

“Hang on, just wanna check something”

Nick waited,

“It’s about the same size as the hot spot your making” Gareth finally answered

“So, person size?”


“Just missing the orbs” Nick replied dryly, he could hear Gareth giggling.  More often than not, the only real unexplainable activity picked up by cameras on these ‘stake outs’ were mysterious orbs of light, which usually floated and flashed across recorded footage in a chaotic way no normal light beam would be capable of, supposedly, they indicate a presence.

“Hey, you’re the one who wanted a more interesting night”

Nick stopped at the foot of the stairs, his eyes flickering to the place he thought he had seen something earlier.  Summoning up his courage, or rather his scepticism, Nick began climbing the stairs, moving slowly and trying to not make any noise.  When he reached the top, he turned to the web cam on the wall and waved at Gareth

“Yeah, hello to you too, wanna get a move on?”

Nick made his way down the hall, passing by the bathroom and first two bedrooms, down to the end, to the last door.

                                                     Nick reached out a hand for the door knob and gripped it, only to pull his hand away a second later

“Ow, son of a bit...”

“What, what’s wrong?” Gareth called

“The door knob, it’s frozen”

“It’s the middle of august” Gareth replied

“Yeah I know, but it doesn’t change the fact that the door knob is frozen”  Nick reached down again, this time wrapping the sleeve of his jacket around his hand, he gripped the door knob and twisted, pushing the door open very slowly as he did so.

                                                 Nick stepped into the room and waved to the cam mounted on the back wall, then turned his attention to the reader, still hanging from the ceiling in the darkened room,

“See anything?” Gareth asked, his voice making Nick jump,

“Yeah, the rooms full of spectral activity I just thought I’d keep it to myself”

“How about you leave the funny to me?” Gareth asked

“That was sarcasm” Nick replied, then removed a small black box from his jacket pocket, it turned a small dial on the front slowly clock wise until the small ‘needle’ counter on the front lit up, and its needle shifted all the way to the left,

“Are you playing with that PKE metre again?”

“Is that a problem?” Nick asked,

“No, not if you enjoy wasting your time, that damn thing doesn’t work, Nick, there’s no way to actually take psychic kinetic energy readings, told you it was pointless before you bought it”

“Never hurts to look at things from a different angel, speaking of which, where’s that cold spot, you are watching it, aren’t you?”

“Oops....two sec’s mate..”

Nick stood in the dark room wishing Gareth would get his act together,

“Err, Nick, mate”

Nick closed his eyes and tried to remain patient, “Yes Gareth”

“It’s gone”

“Gone, what do you mean gone?”

“I mean the rooms clear, all the readers are picking up is the heat coming off you”

Nick crossed to the temp reader and pulled it towards him, the room did appear to be the same temperature all across, no hot or cold spots other than where was and had just been,

“OK, I’m heading back” Nick told Gareth, he crossed the room, opened the door, then stepped out into the corridor and closed the bedroom door behind him,

“Nick wait” Gareth sounded serious, Nick paused, waiting for Gareth to explain himself, after several long seconds, Nick called,

“Gareth what’s going on?”

“Just wait, OK”

Nick stood still, looking up and down the corridor and landing, trying to remain patient, finally,

“Nick, it’s back”

“The cold spot?”

“Yeah, and it’s moving again, like a solid mass of cold just deciding to cross the room”

Nick felt a shudder that nothing to do with cold, “Where is it going?”

“Towards the door, very quickly”,

Nick froze, he could now feel a massive wave of cold air coming under the door behind him, the back hairs on the back of his neck stood on end and his neck locked in place.  The current of cold air was getting stronger, and now there was the smell too, a stagnant smell, like curled milk, it was repugnant, Nick felt bile rise in his throat, then he had a terrifying realisation, it was getting colder, because the door was opening.

“Nick the room cam is showing the door opening, what the hell is going on?”

Nick was too afraid to lift his arm and reply and he wanted Gareth to shut up and come get him.  He had never been this scared in his whole life, he wanted to shut his eyes and just fall away from whatever was opening the door behind him, then he felt them, just very slightly, dragging themselves carefully down the back of his neck, icy cold, sharp and most definitely, someone’s finger nails.

                                        Nicks whole body convulsed, in the sudden movement he spun around, mind racing and heart pounding like a drum in his chest, he wanted to shout out at whatever it was, to scream at it and make it go, but the doorway was empty.  The old oak door was open, but there was no presence there, no apparition and the smell was gone too.  Nick very cautiously stepped into the room, it was empty and no longer cold in the slightest.


Nick jumped out of his skin, clutching his heart and gasping as he turned and saw Gareth standing in the doorway,

“” Nick spluttered

“What? Oh, sorry, mate, I was just worried when you didn’t answer so I thought I better come help”

Nick eyed Gareth questioningly, “No you didn’t” he accused “you just didn’t want to be on your own”

“I resent that” Gareth walked in and patted Nick on the back, “So you OK or should I call paramedics?”

“I’ll be fine, cheeky git, did you record anything after the door opened?”

“Probably, I was on my way up the second the bloody thing opened”

“OK, let’s go check the footage, and I need a cigarette, or six”

                                                      Nick and Gareth hastily made their way back down to the dining room, Nick opened one of the lead lined windows and lit a cigarette,

“So, is there anything, or have I just lost ten years for nothing?”

Gareth didn’t answer, he was staring at the screen, wide eye’s, mouth open and had turned quite white,

“Nick, mate, you know you didn’t turn round till after you flinched”


“Well, you’re probably going to be very happy, for the rest of your life that you didn’t”

Nick drained his cigarette then flicked it outside, closed the window and walked to the laptop, Gareth clicked a ‘rewind’ icon on the screen displaying the landing cam.  It clearly showed Nick leave the bedroom and stop dead, something floated around his head, a tiny speck of light that vanished a second later,

“Was that an orb?” Nick asked,

“Yeah, but in about three seconds you’re not going to give a shi...”

“What the hell is that?” Nick was staring intensely at the screen, the picture now shower a small, bring light, right behind him, a light his eyes had apparently not been able to register,

“Is that a lamp?” Nick asked

“I don’t know, but what this”

Nick watched, then felt his body spasm again as he saw something long and white rise up from inside the door way, and what could only be long fingers, drag their nails across his neck.  The image Nick then flinched then turned and stared at what he had seen as nothing.  The two of them then watched in complete disbelief as Nick walked through whatever was standing in the door way,

“But the smell was gone?” Nick murmured,


“Oh yeah, a nasty rotten smell, like gone off milk, made me wanna puke”

“Nice, OK we can’t even see what’s going on this cam any more I’ll switch to bedroom cam”

As they watched, the image Nick walked into the room and checked the reader, then jumped as Gareth entered, but there was no sign of anyone or anything else on the cam,

 “So, hands up who wants to go home?” Gareth raised his hand,

“This is what we’re paid for” Nick reminded him “What we should be doing is uploading that video and sending it to BIPI, what time is it?”

“Err...coming up to ten”

“Good, Terry should still be there”

“Well, he shouldn’t, but seeing as Terry has no life”

“Just mail him the clip”

Gareth quickly formatted and sent the video while Nick re-watched it, trying to pick out any kind of detail about the apparition, then he pulled a small file over the table, inside were all the reported sightings of the White Lady on record,

“Thought so” he said to the room at large,


“Oh, there are at least three reports of a the White Lady carrying a lamp or candle”

“There always carrying something, remember that one woman who told us a man walked through her kitchen holding a string of sausages”

“Shut up”

“Fine be like that”

“No seriously be quiet, listen”

The two listened to the quiet house, waiting for whatever it was that Nick thought he had heard,


“That was the bathroom” Nick said, still craning his neck to look up at the ceiling, Gareth clicked the cam screen for the old bathroom and it filled the screen,

“Nick” once again Gareth had gone bright white, Nick looked over his shoulder and shuddered as he saw it, behind the furthest desk from the camera, sitting in the pitch black, was a dark figure,

“So, you want me to come with you?” Gareth was shaking, quite obviously not wanting to be left behind again,

“No, you’re staying here, In case we only get cam footage again” Nick stood up straight and this time, unpacked a small video camera from Gareth’s stuff, checked the battery and then left a very frightened Gareth alone in the dark dining room.

The End

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