The White Lady Of Upton Court

Have you ever wanted to see a Ghost?


You may live to regret that.



You may have heard of a town in England named Slough?  If you are English I would be certain you have!   A poet once wrote “Oh fall ye merry bombs on Slough!” and trust me, when it comes to certain parts of Slough he was absolutely correct, However!  Certain areas of Slough, and you may take my word on this as I myself lived in Slough for some twenty-three years, are very beautiful, take the part I wish to talk to you about, Upton Court House and its grounds.

                         Slough as an industrial town has been growing for decades now, its Trading Estate is so huge it has made Slough the biggest industrial town after London. Before that however, Slough was a quite beautiful country town. Scattered Inns and Farms made up the scenery along with Upton Court House, owed by the town lord and his Family.  A main road passed by the house a few hundred yards behind it, which is now sadly a motorway. The main grounds were surrounded by huge oak trees which also stood century to a thin winding pathway, leading from the main entrance of the house and back away for a quarter of a mile, through the forest and out into acres of grass land, and one very small Cabin.

                                                       This Cabin belonged to the main house and was occupied by the Game Keeper and his Wife, Stephen and Mary Miller were a very young couple, Stephen had taken the job of Ground and Games Keeper for the Manor house after they had fled the town of Wycombe to escape Mary’s family who had always been apposed to the coupling. Stephen’s father had been put out of business some years earlier when improved trading between London, Slough and Reading meant his Grain Mill had become unneeded expect by a local Baker who’s purchases a week just couldn’t pay the required amounts needed to run the mill. Mary’s father had been  Head Man servant of similar Manor house in Wycombe, she had grown up around aristocracy and knew her place in the world well, true the Cabin she now shared with her young husband had none of the modern comforts that even the quarters in the Wycombe house had to offer, a bath for one was most missed, but at least they were together, and happy.      Most of the time.

From time to time, while taking in the small stalls in the town centre, Mary would hear curious whispers, usually, she had come to notice, aimed at her, about Stephen.  It seemed he had become something of a problem in the local Pub, becoming angry and aggressive when asked about work and home life. Mary had spoken to the Landlord of the Pub but all he would tell her is,

“A man’s home life is his own business, not for me to go talking about it now is it!”

Although she felt sure he was willing to tell anyone willing to put a pint in front of him, once and only once did she ask Stephen about the whispers in town. Until she had asked him, his mood had been docile, distant and deep in thought, but this changed in an instant,

“DON’T INVOLVE YOUR SELF IN MY AFFAIRS MARY!!” he had screamed at her, jumping to his feet and sending the old wooden chair he had been occupying, crashing against the cabin wall.  She had never once seen her husband, her love, so enraged, and she never again asked the question.     

The End

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