The White Assassin ~Part 2~

“Nia, get away from that window! Your mother will not be happy to find that you have fallen out of a window and landed into a thicket bush!” yelled Nago, my tutor, from behind. He stood at the door pointing an accusing finger at me. His face was filled with fright.

“It’s okay, Nago. Remember, I’m 15! I think I have more common sense than that!” I replied. Nago has been my tutor for five years now. The counsel thought it would be god to teach me how to be a normal girl, just in case I was “cursed” like my sister. Little did they know, and this is Nago and I’s little secret, that we used to visit my sister monthly at midnight. But five years ago she stopped coming. The last time I saw her was when I was ten. I so wanted to see her again, but I never thought she would come to see me. Now I want to try. I want to see my sister again! No matter what the world thinks of her, I want my sister back. I’ll do whatever it takes. She is a princess of this snowy land. She must come back!

“Nago, I have different plan for our agenda,” I said. My greed seemed to be showing. Why am I doing this? I could get in deep trouble, but I couldn’t stop. Though my mind told me this was a bad idea, my heart thirsted to see my sister again. To say her name, Radianta, again. “I want to go down to the clearing we used to visit Radianta at,” I said brief and simple.

Nago grimaced, “You know she won’t come, it’s how she is.”

“It’s not like that,” I replied, “She’s different now, I can feel it. There’s something about her that—”

“That’s enough!” he cut me off, “If she wanted to see you, she would come herself!”

He marched out of my room, slamming the door behind me. I knew absolutely why, though. During the time when we used to see her, Nago and Radianta were really close. He’s just upset that we haven’t seen her in a while because she disappeared.

But it doesn’t matter now. I’ll go by myself to see my sister if I have to.

Whatever it takes.

The End

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